‘Glee’ Planning A Britney Spears Episode?


Hot on the heels of the huge success of the Madonna episode that aired this past Tuesday, it was reported on Wednesday that Glee is planning to do another episode devoted entirely to the music of Madonna early in the next season this Fall. Because of all the hype generated by this successful ep, a new push has begun to have the show do an entire episode devoted entirely to the music of Britney Spears. Britney’s manager, Adam Leber, posted a message on Twitter asking fans if they want to see a Britney Spears episode of Glee … he even got the chatter to trend with the hashtag #BritneySpearsGlee. Could it be? Will this actually happen?

Britney Spears is reportedly hoping for an episode of Glee based on her songs. An edition of the show featuring nine Madonna tracks aired in the US earlier this week and the cast is releasing an EP of the cover versions. Spears’s manager Adam Leber has now asked fans whether they would like a Britney episode. Writing on Twitter, he said: “Do you guys want to see a Britney Spears episode of GLEE? Thoughts?” Meanwhile, Us Weekly reports that the ‘hashtag’ Leber invented, #BritneySpearsGlee, began trending. Glee creator Ryan Murphy recently confirmed that he is planning another Madonna episode.

First, yes … this will happen. The fact that Britney’s manager is even talking about this means that her people are amenable to letting the show use her music in this way. Second, the folks at Glee will have access to a pop music catalog that will allow them to make a full, well-rounded episode much like they did with the Madonna ep. They will also have the opportunity to release another mini-album of their version of Britney’s songs … fans will buy that release, guaranteed. Can you imagine … Sue Sylvester featuring in her own music video for Oops! I Did it Again? or I’m A Slave 4 U or Toxic? Ye gods, the awesome possibilities are endless. Because this season has already finished filming, we’ll have to wait at least until next season to see this happen … but mark my words — it’ll happen. What do y’all think? Irregardless of what you think of Britney Spears herself, you cannot deny that her catalog of songs is AMAZING! Which Britney songs would you like to see get the Glee treatment?

UPDATE: Pink reader Rigo informs me that there is a Facebook fan campaign HERE started up by fans to lobby the Glee folks to make this Britney Spears episode. Now YOU can join the call to make this happen :)


  • Rigo

    Join the official Facebook campaign, you guys! Can’t wait!


    • @Rigo — LOVE that Britney fans are all over this!!

  • Pauly

    “3” for the rachel/finn/jesse triangle?
    finn “slave” for rachel?
    Rachel “oops, I did it again” for finn?
    Ahhhh this better happen. It would be amazing

  • Heather B.

    I’ll give Santana a shot at “Boys”. She’s hot. Give her a solo.
    All the girls can do “Womanizer” in response to whatever stupid thing Puck has done that week.
    Puck himself doing “If You Seek Amy” would make me a very happy girl.
    Rachel on “Stronger”. Or Rachel on anything.

  • Susie

    I can see “Toxic” for Rachel/Jesse or Rachel/Finn.

  • Erin

    I saw a note on EW about this that I actually agree with. They said that they want the script to pick the songs, not the other way around. I am all for using a Britney song (or more) but I don’t agree with another full artist ep. I love the stories and how the songs come into play, the other way around sort of ruins the fun of Glee. I enjoyed the Madonna ep, and can see doing another one just for Sue, but other than that, give me some more theme eps than artist eps.

  • JeniLee

    I agree Erin!

  • anna

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry Trent… I am about to committ blasphemy on your dear blog, but I am NOT a Britney fan…. there, I said it. dont hate me

    • @anna — It’s Ok but I think there are a lot of Britney fans out there who would eat this up :)

  • Steve

    It’s sue bitch. YES!

    • @Steve — “It’s Sue, bitch.” OMG, brilliant!

  • nicole

    @Erin – i totally agree.
    im sorry, but the madonna episode just got by..i dont think a full britney episode could do the same.

  • just a note

    i’m not trying to be mean…but irregardless is not a word lol…unless you’re from mean girls…just sayin’

  • Steph

    I also agree with Erin. I also think most of Brittany’s songs wouldn’t make for good group/show choir songs. Most of them are over- produced and don’t show a whole lot of range. Some of her older songs may work on their own, but not as an episode. Not to say her music is bad, just not for Glee

    A lot of the best songs on Glee are older pop culture hits (ex. Don’t stop believing) that are melodic on their own and don’t need a ton of synthesizers to make them interesting.

    • @Steph — Um, I see what you’re trying to say but … Glee offers THE most over-produced vocal performances on TV right now.

  • Kat

    I disagree with Erin (kindly).

    Loved the artist’s episode, and with an artist with a large catalog, the music can fall in with the script without it being written for the songs, the songs will fit.

    Toxic *has* to be in there…. will be amazing.

  • Kendra

    I would LOVE this..Though I agree with Erin about building a show around songs..As long as the songs work around the storyline, and I can already think of at least 6 songs that could EASILY work, it can be brilliant!

  • roxster

    @ Erin I agree
    @ Steve: Brilliant!

    Glee came up with the Madonna concept, and I’m assuming they had some thoughts as to how to make that work and then worked with Madonnas people ot make it happen. This sounds entirely like Britneys people trying to hop on glee as a marketing tool for her, which is smart, but I’m annoyed by it. The show works best when the songs work with the plot and I don’t see how that can entirely work with Britneys songs which are all pretty similar subject matter. . . I know some of you have offered suggestions, but if its happening, it’ll be next season so those will probably be off the table by then

  • Katie

    I want to hear some OLD school Britney. “I Was Born to Make You Happy”…amazeballs.

    I can see (character name blank…pregnant ex-gf of Finn) doing “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”

    All I can say it- YES YES YES to this happening!!

  • krissy

    I agree with Erin, Steph, and Roxster. I can’t imagine a whole episode of people singing in Britney’s Kermit-the-frog style! ;)

  • D

    Hum ! Why wouldn’t they use some Britney songs in upcoming episodes ?
    I don’t think they could do the same thing they did with Madonna because Britney is not yet as awesome as Madge. But Toxic or any old Britney song would work !
    And for those saying Britney’s songs are too over-ptoduced to be used, y’all should know that Rachel’s gonna sing Poker Face. And, despite all those who think Lady Gaga’s a god, well her songs are a tad over processed ! She doesn’t sound like herself in her first album. So two or more Britney covers could defo happen soon !

  • mimi

    hell yes. i want glee to use britney songs but i dont want a britney “themed” episode a la madonna.
    D – actually ‘poker face’ will be a duet featuring lea michele and idina menzel, not just lea.

  • I would LOVE to see their rendition of “Everytime.” :D

  • Susie

    Katie: Her name is Quinn :)

  • Tiffany

    No way :-/ It’s one thing to do a show on someone like Madonna but to ruin Glee by having them do covers on every ep from ONE artist would likely run it into the ground. It’s nice having songs from different artists on the show but if I want a whole show from one artist, I’ll just head over to ITunes and waste my time :)

  • Rami

    Sorry but no. Bad idea. Britney doesn’t deserve an episode because she has not been relevant to our culture other than making a spectacle out of her messy self. Granted, she has, with the help of many talented and well-paid musicians, managed to pull together some quasi-memorable pop music, but…. that’s about it. That’s about .04% of what Madonna has accomplished. She doesn’t deserve a Glee episode. It would make the show look bad. Seriously.

  • LIsa

    I’m a HUGE Britney fan, but another whole episode dedicated to a single artist? Madonna is a legend… Michael Jackson is a legend… Britney?

    Maybe use some of her songs… or even do a whole pop-ish like Backstreet Boys, *NSync, Christina Aguilera epsiode…

    How more songs that are focused on male vocals?

  • b9lis

    In a word, “NO”!!!


    You guys who disagree with this are pure and utter idiots! Sorry if that sounded harsh, but the that’s life, BB. No matter what you say, Britney Spears IS A living legend. It’s true. Even when she dies or whatever, she’ll be a legend. As of now, Britney is in high demand. When her next album releases, it’ll be a frenzy full of hype no other artist can deliver, not even GaGa. Madonna hasn’t been in high demand for quite a while now. She used to, yes, but now? Ha! Don’t make me laugh. Also, if y’all got your facts straight or would know what YOU’RE actually talking about, you would know that people on Twitter STARTED THIS (a trending topic, mind you) and it gathered momentum which is where it’s at now: momentum. Britney’s management team simply ASKED THE FANS if the FANS would want this. Britney has an amazing pop catalog of hits and songs in general. Plus, I’m sick of certain idiotic beyotchs saying, “OMG SHE LIPSYNCHES!” Um, hi, you do know that Michael Jackson was a notorious lipsyncher, too, right? He did sing live but 80% of his career he pretty much lipped. Even his famous Motown performance. If you say Britney is a joke for lipsynching then you’re saying Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson and even – sometimes – Madonna so therefore you should shut your faces! Britney Spears is amazing and the people who cut her down are just jealous because after all she’s been through she’s still high on those charts, baby! Do you know any other artist who shaved their head, been dragged through the mud HUNDREDS of times by the press, been slammed left and right, went through a mental and physical breakdown, AND STILL HAD THE #1 TOUR GROSSING 115 MILLION+, #1 tour in North America, #1 ALBUM AND COUNTLESS OTHER HITS? Not to mention selling 80 million+ plus records worldwide in ten YEARS??? (That’s not including singles, by the way!) No other artist could survive a fraction of those impediments! You all just got owned and I would suggest you better come up with better tactics that form in insults because the ones you’re displaying obviously cater to pure and lack of knowledge. KTHANX p.s. When this episode comes out and it WILL, the ratings will be its highest rated show for “Glee”. You watch.

  • Roadwork

    sorry Chase I dont think anyones buying it anymore…

  • Max

    OMFG! I cant wait to see.

  • Alex

    I love this idea and agree with Chase and everyone else who didn’t bash on it. Can’t wait.

  • Jackson

    Actually, the earliest they could do this would be this Fall, right? I don’t see a problem w/ them doing an episode devoted to one artist once (maybe twice) each season. I don’t think that’s overkill. Besides, people act like Britney’s a flash in the pan when she’s been pumping out hit songs for a decade now. There are quite a few different themes in songs like “Everytime”, “Lucky”, & “You Drive Me Crazy”… plus songs like “Toxic”, “I’m a Slave 4 U”, “Boys”, “I’m Not That Innocent”, etc. Waaay more than enough to do a full episode.

    & for the chick who said that Britney’s only been a mess… she must not realize that Madonna spent the first 15 years of her career doing even stranger things (rolling around stage on live TV, sleeping w/ pretty much everyone, putting out a book full of eroticism, making out w/ black Jesus and putting burning crosses in her “Like a Prayer” video, etc.). Seriously, at the height of her career (20 years ago) homegirl was more of a scandalous mess than Britney’s ever been. That doesn’t even mention the time that Madonna tried to glom on to Britney’s youth appeal… going so far as to make out w/ her on stage during an awards show.

    Besides… how fun would it be to have an episode where Sue Sylvester goes crazy and shaves her head?

  • pitnb

    OMGGGG that would be Amazing !!!!
    btw…you can vote for her episode on the official GLEE website here :

  • pitnb

    ooh…and another thing :
    – Series creator Ryan Murphy said to EW.com :
    “I’m interested in the Britney Spears idea. I’ve always loved her. I’m entertaining it. I think young kids would like that.”

    that’s it !!! :)

  • harlequin


    Are you seriously comparing Britney with Michael Jackson??? You’ve got to be kidding right? MJ lipsynched yes, but it was because he was doing all those crazy dance moves. You could say the same for Britney since she dances a lot too. But when MJ sang live – and the man COULD sing – goodness, he was a pure joy to listen to! At 5 years old, he sounded like an angel.

    Britney sounds like a frog croaking most of the time.

  • harlequin

    And yes, Britney is/was a good performer, entertainer. But as a singer, her voice sucks. Seriously.
    MJ was pure, raw talent, in every aspect.

  • springblossoms

    britney is a product of disney. no different from miley and those other overproduced disney girls. only difference is she had her chance to be a star and now she’s just a mess.

  • Alonso

    Britney Spears HAS DONE NOTHING for music!

    She is only famous because of catchy pop songs for teenagers, she IS NOT an icon or a legend in music. She IS NOT EVEN A REAL SINGER!

    If “Glee” does a Britney Spears episode then they’re DOOMED!

    & what about Christina Aguilera!? She IS A REAL SINGER & ARTIST so why doesn’t she get an episode too? Oh, & Lady Gaga too!

    Ok, all of them are not still legends & Britney WILL NEVER BE ONE!

    All of this was not started because Britney is a legend or the “Glee” creators wants an episode about her, it’s because her STUPID MANAGER started all this shit.

    Britney Spears HASN’T revolutionized music, she IS NOT a legend or an icon. So doing an episode about he IS SO USELESS & STUPID JUST LIKE doing an episode about Miley Cyrus, Just Bieber, Kesha or Lindsay Lohan. So, OF COURSE THAT IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!

    Now, an episode of “Glee” about Annie Lennox, Cyndi Lauper, Donna Summer, Janet Jackson, Kylie Minogue, Elton John, the Spice Girls, Sade or Cher is WAY BETTER than an episode about the awful & stupid slut of Britney Spears!

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  • Christina

    I agree with Rami and Lisa. Yeah she may have hit songs and a high grossing tour… but that does not mean she has an ounce of talent. It means she has a good production team that makes her songs sound good. In no way shape or form is she a legend in the sense that MJ is. She became famous for being a hypersexed up teenager, which overshadowed the mediocrity of the music that was behind her. Her music has always been sub-par, save for a few uptempo club hits that were so over produced and autotuned, it’s almost laughable that she gets credit for it. But she courted enough controversy to keep her name out there; which again, does not denote talent. There is nothing musically exceptional about any of her music. She changed the FACE of what pop music was, being a female artist who was advertised purely as a sex object, but did nothing beyond that. She did not break down walls musically, nor change the musical landscape. I think she’s an incredibly sweet, and strong, girl. But to say her musical catalog is strong enough to build an episode of Glee around is absurd. With that said, I don’t watch Glee, but this Britney episode thing just reeks of gimmick. They had a successful Madonna ep, now want to try to have lightning strike again… and again… and again… They should nip this in the bud before it comes just cheesy and takes away from the actual storylines/tv show. *steps off soapbox*