Guy Ritchie Steps Out With A Madonna Clone


While Madonna was busying herself with a (very) young male model in NYC yesterday on the Harlem, NY street set of her latest photoshoot for Dolce & Gabbana, ex-hubby Guy Ritchie was busying himself with a younger model of his own. Guy stepped out with a younger model named Jacqui Ainsley in London this week … as you can see from the following photo, Miss Ainsley bears a striking resemblance to a much younger-looking Madonna:

When it comes to women Guy Ritchie certainly seems to have a type – slim, blonde and stunningly beautiful…much like ex-wife, Madonna. And the trend appears to have continued as the extremely eligible Mr Ritchie was spotted with model Jacqui Ainsley on his arm as they left the London restaurant Roka this week. At just 28 she is more than 13 years the film director’s junior, but what’s even more striking is she bears more than a passing resemblance to the queen of pop. An inspection shows just how similar the appearance of the two ladies is. They both have blonde hair, styled in a similar manner, a parting on the left with a section swept over their right eyebrow. Add to this the shape of their faces: the cheekbones, the chin, even their noses and eyebrows match up. Taking all this in to account, the uncanny similarity can’t be ignored – could it be that Guy Ritchie still holds a flame for his ex-wife?

LOL!! I don’t know about you but I TOTALLY see the Madonna resemblance. This is what Maddy wishes she still looked like … it’s almost uncanny. I suppose of Madonna can enjoy the company of a much younger beau, then Guy should be able to enjoy the same. What’s good for the goose is deffo good for the gander. I find it very strange, tho, that Guy would choose to date a woman who looks so much like his ex-wife … but maybe he doesn’t see it. In any event, I don’t expect these two to make a lasting commitment to one another. They make a nice looking fling, tho!


  • Shes way younger than Madonna and I dont think they look alike

  • nicole

    to me she looks like Lauren Conrad.

  • nicole

    and as for them talking about the hair style…thats the most common cut & colour…hell thats how my hair is right now, just not blonde.

  • ~M~

    she’s a pretty blonde, good for Guy!
    And… Madonna WISHES she looked that good when she was 28, not even CLOSE!

  • truthyisalways

    Holy crap! I thought that was Madonna and they had reunited. Madge RAN back to brown sugar boys after she and Guy parted, maybe a weird compliment that she loved him because his English reserve and pale-ness was not her type. Guy either misses her and/or knows that this total clone will sting M–her biggest weakness is her aging appearance.

  • Robyn

    & to me she looks like Jessica Harp (from the Wreckers).

  • ohs

    who cares – that’s focus on the man candy that is GUY – god he is beautiful…. *sigh*

  • nancy

    I don’t think she looks like Madonna at all.

  • kk

    i think shes blonde… and skinny… and the rest is hype… she does totally resemble LC though

  • jamie

    Hmmm, I can see a definite Madonna resemblence. But reading the other comments I can see where she looks like LC too. Maybe a cross b/t Madonna & LC?

  • Lana

    “she’s not me, she doesn’t have my name, she’ll never what i have, it won’t be the same” spoken by the queen madge herself!

  • SuziLee

    I think she seems prettier and less taken w/herself than Madonna (don’t get me wrong – LOVE Madonna – just she’s far from down to earth!)
    Good for Guy – I always thought it was a bit of a mis-match, here’s hoping he finds love and Madonna keeps findin & lovin on the youngins!


    She doesn’t have zombie arms, right?

  • B Ann

    Definitely a LC look-a-like at first glance!

  • Nev

    guy ritchie and madonna will get back together.

  • laurajay

    I think it’s just the angle from which the pic was taken. If you google her you’ll see she looks nothing like Madonna.

  • C

    yeah i agree with the others at first i thought it was LC!

  • Yoka

    If you Google her for pictures you’ll see she doesn’t look like Madonna at all

  • kate

    Guy has admitted to still loving Madge but thinking she’s an idiot!! She wanted the divorce and not him!!

  • nah

    doesn’t look like Madge & Madonna would never be caught wearing that common outfit; ; I agree w/ohs: forget the girl, Guy is looking HOT as ever

  • shawn michaels

    stop sucking guys old cock, and get starting with mine!!