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David and I were feeling pretty anti-social last night so we decided to shun all others for the quiet company of one another … once that got old after about a glass of wine and 2 re-runs of Sex and the City, we decided to try and salvage some of our Friday night by going to the movies. We decided to see Kick-Ass:

Kick-Ass was a pretty fun movie … a bit violent but it’s to be expected (what was not expected was that the bulk of the film’s violence came from 13-year-old actress Chloë Grace Moretz who plays the “real-life” superhero Hit Girl in the film). The movie envisions what it would be like if people tried to be superheros in real life and the hilarity that ensues. David and I really enjoyed the film but it is not something that you would take your kids to see. But if you’re in the market for an over-the-top and kinda violent action flick, then you should check it out. I have to say that I really hate the McLovin’ kid (actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and he features heavily in this movie. His lispy, dickhead demeanor was really off-putting to me. He tends to play the same douche-like character in all of his films so, yeah, he was a turn-off for me … but the movie was enjoyable despite his inclusion. I was really impressed with Nicolas Cage who was both funny and believable as the superhero Big Daddy. His Adam West/Batman like quality was really fun. David and I both liked this film but, again, it’s a bit violent and silly so it may not appeal to everyone.

Today … we clean. Our place has gotten way messy so we need to do some serious cleaning today. I’m hoping to see the Banksy movie Exit Through the Gift Shop this afternoon so I’ll try to squeeze that in after I get my shizz straight here at home. Tomorrow … we’re thinkin’ about going to the LA Dodgers v. San Francisco Giants baseball game so it looks like it’ll be a pretty fun weekend around here. Happy Weekend to YOU!

  • Ama

    Hmm, my family was going to have me go and see this movie with them tomorrow. I was debating on it because it kind of seems like ‘the lame stupid humor’ kind of movie, which isn’t usually my cup of tea.(I mean, I do like comedies, but not the ones that try to hard to be funny*if that makes any sense?*) Which is what I got from the movie trailer for this. I would rather go see ‘Date night’ and then watch this movie in the dollar theaters. But, I’m not paying so I guess I don’t have a choice, ha. Who knows maybe I’ll end up actually liking this movie.

  • Davidsask

    Should have kept drinking the wine and had some hot sex instead!

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  • Alyse

    I was going to see this last night with my date, but chickened out because the most violence in a movie i’ve seen was Kill Bill, and i heard the violence in this much more realistic. We saw Clash of the Titans instead, big mistake!

  • Amy

    Maybe another glass of wine and you would have found something else to do ; p ……..Anyway I am a homebody at night. Today was house cleaning day for me as well. Good Times!!

  • LC


    We saw the movie “Chloe” last nite. Have you seen it?
    Happy Weekend!

  • Elizabeth

    I really thought the only redeeming part of this movie was Hit Girl – she was incredible!! But I found the movie very, very slow and personally would not recommend it to anyone.

  • shannon

    If I were you, I’d root for the Giants. The Dodgers aren’t looking very good right now. However, I would like the Dodgers to win, if only so that the Twins can remain #1 in all of MLB.

    • @shannon — didn’t baseball season just start like 2 days ago?

  • Shannon

    If you didn’t like the movie its because you were an idiot and didn’t read the comic books first. It was perfection.

    • @Shannon — Way to make your point, you’re a winner.

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  • AmyM

    I agree with you, Trent, about the McLovin actor. Although he killed me in Role Models, his general douchey attitude is a major put off.

  • shannon

    Baseball season started back on April 5. (Okay, April 4 if you count that Yankees. vs. Red Sox game.)

  • Meeshie Moo

    Kick Ass is the best Comic book film I’ve ever seen. Hit Girl was absolute perfection – loved her.

  • I think it was a fun and one of the best comic book movies of the year so far. I have a feeling you’ll like McLovin in the Kick Ass sequel. The only thing that stood out that was not needed was how they escaped the penthouse but other than that it was a really fun movie and it makes you want to read the original comic by JRJR and Millar.

    • @Celina Hernandez — I don’t think I’ll ever like the McLovin’ kid in anything, he annoys me. I will say that I do love the ‘Kick-Ass’ comics … they are much better than this movie.