Kathy Griffin Makes Her Pap Smear A Public Affair


In an attempt to raise awareness about the dangers of cervical cancer (as only she can do), Kathy Griffin posed poolside at the Palomar Hotel in Westwood, CA to undergo a pap smear check-up in front of cameras. Griffin plans to air this pap smear procedure on the upcoming season of her hit Bravo TV series My Life on the D-List but was happy to smile for the other cameras in attendance yesterday as well:

Kathy Griffin will attempt to outdo Katie Couric’s celebrity colonoscopy this Friday when she gets an on-air Pap smear for her cable series “My Life on the D-List” to raise awareness about cervical cancer. But whereas Couric modestly had her colonoscopy conducted at a hospital in Manhattan, Griffin is getting her Pap smear poolside at the Palomar Hotel in Los Angeles. If you wanted to watch Couric’s colonoscopy, you had to watch it on NBC News’s “The Today Show.” But Griffin’s Pap smear you can go see for yourself if you can’t wait to see it when her series returns to Bravo which, once upon a time, used to air arts programming. That’s right, Griffin, 49, is having a public, poolside Pap smear — which we’re guessing is a TV first, a pap smear first, a hotel first and too many other firsts to mention. “On Friday, April 16, [Griffin] will receive this important test in hopes that every woman will see how easy it is to get this done,” her publicist said in a news release. “Kathy feels that this cause is so important that she has bedazzled her [private parts] so it can be as ‘va-beautiful’ as it ‘va-can’ ” the news release added. Sadly, Griffin’s procedure will not be conducted by a hunky poolside attendant. Rather, it will be done by an actual “medical physician,” Griffin announced, via her publicist in a news release. The press also has been invited to cover the event poolside, her publicist said in the news release. You’ll want to check the evening news Friday — and all the celebrity suck-up shows — for their coverage.

As you might expect, the cameras were out in full force at yesterday’s event. If you’re curious for a sneak peek at what’s to come when Kathy’s pap smear is showcased on Bravo TV later in the year, you can see a couple photos from yesterday’s event after the jump (don’t worry, the pics are SFW) …

Leave it to Kathy Griffin to figure out a way to both raise awareness about a deadly disease AND expertly exploit a publicity stunt in one fell swoop. I can’t say I’m “excited” to see Kathy Griffin’s pap smear on TV but I am glad that turning it into a bit of a spectacle will surely raise cervical cancer awareness among women … and Griffin’s gay male fanbase.

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  • nicole

    the fact the shes rockin some killer heels made me laugh

  • Z

    Yeah, I wonder if the stirrups were specifically made for her heels? Well, at least there’s one woman who can make a pap smear fun! Go, Kathy! :)
    And while we’re talking about the importance of pap smears, let’s talk about the importance of insurance covering pap smears! Currently, the SC state health insurance plan (you know, the one that all SC state employees, like teachers, have?) does NOT cover routine/yearly pelvic exams!!! Ironically, they will cover the lab work but not the actual exam and since we can’t do them on ourselves, we have to pay quite a bit out of pocket. The women’s care center where I had my son charges $260 now for a pelvic exam! And it doesn’t even count towards the $350 deductible!!! I’m a college-educated woman working for the University of South Carolina and I can’t afford that! I know lower income women can’t. Absolutely ridiculous! :p

  • j

    Good for her!

  • robin

    kathy has made such a big deal over the years about mocking her body and how it’s no good compared to other ‘hollywood’ women, i wonder if she even realized how awesome she looked?…now she looks too thin!

  • Kendra

    Kathy’s body looks insane!

  • RJ


  • Meredth

    This is amazing. Yay for publicity for preventative health care, and for making it okay to talk about sexual health.

  • Manda

    Just curious, but where in the world did Kathy get this amazing body? I remember seeing her in a bikini on Celebrity Mole years ago and she had alot of cellulite. I know plastic surgery can do wonders, but this is seriously a miracle! Just sayin.. lol

  • yay kathy!
    its kinda disgusting lol.
    but a great thing to do, women are pretty much taught to be ashamed of their body and of sexual matters. i hope her doing this helps change that, at least in someone. a few people is better than no people!

  • Kim

    I am TERRIFIED of getting a pap test. The fact that she can go out and kinda make it look like to biggie makes me feel alot better like it’s not gonna be nearly as scary as I think. It’s also kinda gross, but good for her. Because of her this is one more girl that’s going to get one! Thanks Kathy!