Kiefer Sutherland Has A Wild & Crazy Night In London


24 star Kiefer Sutherland appears to be having a tough time dealing with the cancellation of his hit TV series (yeah, that, OR it was just another Thursday night for him) because the Kief got a bit drunk, a bit rowdy and a bit thrown out of a strip club in London, England last night. His night started out innocently enough as he made his way to The Covent Garden Hotel Bar for a night of revelry … that led him to a strip club called Stringfellows … where things really got interesting. There was much boozing, much raucousness and, eventually, some scrapping with security as Sutherland was ejected from the club and set away … shirtless. Ever the consummate professional, Kiefer managed to pull himself together just a few hours later to start a whole new day:

TELLY special agent KIEFER SUTHERLAND goes out on a mission – to get plastered on the streets of London. And the Hollywood actor, famed as 24 hero Jack Bauer, seemed to have no trouble achieving his objective, ending up shirtless in a tussle with Stringfellows security. Sutherland, described by onlookers as “absolutely screamingly paralytic”, was even put in a headlock by bouncers as he lashed out. This is how the longest night of his drinking life unfolded into the early hours of yesterday.

10.40pm: The 43-year-old actor, born in the capital, is spotted outside The Covent Garden Hotel Bar before meeting a pal. Two hours later he is seen with five empty wine glasses on his table and heard ordering more.

2.00am: Sutherland is driven to Stringfellows lapdancing club, where an insider said: “He went bananas, shouting nonsense and dancing like Peter Crouch before kicking off when asked to leave.”

3.35am: Bouncers hustle him from the premises after a reported bust-up, exposing his tattooed torso as they muscle him to his car.

3.36am: Grim-faced security guards finally seem to have him under control.

3.40am: The battle to pour him into his motor continues as the actor staggers in the street.

3.45am: The dazed dad of one sits in the car until finally, at 4.00am: He falls into the street outside his hotel, giggling and with his jacket unbuttoned.

11.50am: Sutherland sits outside, recovering with a ciggie.

The star, a hit in Fox and Sky One’s 24, is in town to plug his new film Twelve. He served 48 days’ jail in 2007 after drink-driving offences and apologised last year after headbutting a male fashion designer.

Check out more photos from Kiefer’s crazy night HERE. Ugh … this poor man. He’s an amazing actor and is insanely talented but it’s plainly obvious that he has a huge problem with alcohol. You may recall that last month we learned that Kiefer Sutherland, looking for a party in the wee hours of the morning here in LA, stumbled into a house party (that was completely over) in search of fun and booze. That story was, at least, cute for the party host who happened to be a big Kiefer Sutherland fan … but this story, about his getting so drunk that he had to be thrown out of a strip club and into the street, is not cute at all. It’s clear to me that he needs help … whether he’ll get the help he needs before he ends up doing something really stupid is another story. For his sake, I hope he finds a way to control his addiction … my fear is that one of these days, he’ll get himself in real trouble that will come with very serious consequences :(


  • MelMel

    This post cracked me up. Definitely a guy that knows how to have a good time. The more I read about him, the more I want to party with that crazy m’effer.

  • Robin

    Peter Stringfellow, the owner of the club posted this blog entry this morning to set the story straight. There weren’t any fights, no scrapping with security, no one got kicked out…Yes, he obviously had a bit too much to drink and was having a good time, but the events were exaggerated by the tabloids. You can find the real story here posted by the owner:

    • @Robin — I can appreciate that the owner of the establishment where Kiefer Sutherland was spotted would want to “set the record straight” but let’s be honest, he doesn’t want to alienate a famous customer (especially since the owner of Stringfellow’s writes, “Kiefer, if you read this we’d love to see you at the club the girls had a terrific time with you and you are welcome back at Stringfellows anytime”) but I suspect that the truth prolly lies somewhere in between the two accounts. The fact remains that Sutherland clearly has a problem controlling himself when he drinks and he is bound to get into serious trouble someday if he cannot learn to control himself. It’s sad because he is so talented :(

  • Robin

    Whoops, the link doesn’t appear to be working right now. Anyways, here’s the text of today’s blog entry by club owner Peter Stringfellow:

    “Alright, let’s get this story straight.

    Photographs of Kiefer leaving Stringfellows are in today’s Sun (Friday April 16th and in loads of international newspapers from Holland and Japan to the USA.

    Let’s face it this guy is very, very famous so what ever you have read this is the real story.

    Keifer came in with one of his best buddies around about 2am. He had a wonderful time, was incredibly charming to all the staff, very generous to all the girls and made friends with my security people.

    Around about 3.15am he decided it would be very funny to take his shirt off. When it was explained to him very gently that that was the job of the girls and not the customers he burst out laughing. His friend thought that this would be a good time for them go home.

    Because the paparazzi had followed him here, we arranged from him to leave via the back door with the help of two of my security guys, an operations director and the VIP manager. Of course outside, the paparazzi went mad and must have taken hundreds of photos.

    One of the photos in the sun looks like my security guys got Kiefer in a headlock. That is NOT the case they were just helping him into his car. Kiefer had slipped and the doorman tried to catch him and at the same time keep the photographers from taking photos, needless to say none of this worked and the Paparazzi had a field day.

    Now, Kiefer Sutherland has been an A-List film star for many years and as they say he’s been around. I’m sure this morning he’ll see the funny side of it all and Kiefer, if you read this we’d love to see you at the club the girls had a terrific time with you and you are welcome back at Stringfellows anytime.”

  • Robin

    Oh, I’m not denying the fact that he has a problem, Trent. Just saying some parts of the story weren’t competely true. He obviously needs help, no doubt about that.

  • truthyisalways

    Yeah I’m with Trent…I really did love that party crashing anecdote from awhile back. But the above makes you consider that charming as he was, this is a 43 year old man driving around alone with a bottle of booze at 4:00 am. Sad.

  • BriK

    Oh man, this guy is awesome. I’m not sure he has a problem – but then again that’s what my 25 year old friends act like. Maybe not so cool in your 40’s?

  • Janelle

    “The following takes place between 10:40PM and 11:50AM” – NICE!

  • Who cares what Keifer Sutherlan was doing, they said he was there to promote TWELVE! I want to see this movie so badly!!