‘Sex And The City 2’ Releases A Newer Batch Of Promo Photos


Last week the second Sex and the City 2 movie trailer was released and earlier this week we got to see the second SaTC 2 movie poster … today we get to see a new batch of promo photos from the film. Now, I was hesitant to even look at these photos when I came upon them (for fear that seeing any more promo materials might ruin my enjoyment of the film before I even get to see it) but happily discovered that they are not at all plot spoilery. Considering how the movie posters for the film are very Carrie Bradshaw centric, I thought it would be nice to see photos of the other SaTC ladies as well … check ‘em out:

Carrie Bradshaw’s new adventure has been highlighted in a bunch of new pictures from “Sex and the City 2″ … Most of the stills show Sarah Jessica Parker’s character and her friends having great time as they arrive in Abu Dhabi. In addition to the images which give preview to their journey in the sandy country, there are also photos which feature the ladies in New York City. One particular picture, meanwhile, captures Carrie having a conversation with Chris Noth’s Mr. Big. Official synopsis for the forthcoming movie has not been released … Set two years after the end of the first film, “Sex and the City 2″ has Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis returning to reprise their respective roles. Penelope Cruz and Miley Cyrus also make cameo appearances in the drama comedy, which is set to arrive in the U.S. on May 27.

These kinds of promo photos are great because they tease the film without giving away anything that might spoil the plot. There are rampant rumors about what will transpire in this upcoming sequel film (not to mention the surprises that have already been featured in the officially released promo trailers) but these photos just show the ladies (and gentleman) lookin’ fab. Check out a few more promo photos after the jump …

While I suspect that these photos have been retouched before they were released, I’m happy to see that the ladies have some semblance of realness going on. They look older, as they should. OY!! I’m just dying to see this film … May 27 can’t get here soon enough for me.


  • nicole

    thank god may 27th isnt that far.
    the only issue i have is miley being in the movie – but i plan to zone out when she comes on the screen.


    Kim Cattrall’s voice is literally so tight! Way too much botox. Yikes!

  • Jennifer

    gorgeous.. i can’t wait! i loved the first one and i’m excited for a lighter tone.

  • Riding camels in designer duds? A little over the top dontcha think? lol

  • debho

    They do everything in designer duds, why not ride a camel? lol It’s what I love about them. Who’d want to watch them if they wore stuff from Target? It’s all pure fantasy and I can’t wait!

  • Manda

    Wow…Kim’s face is pretty…tight. Anyway, glad to see some NY pictures. NY used to be the 5th character but it seems as though both movies have gotten away from that :(

  • Yay, next month! And right before a road trip I’d have with friends! I’m more excited about this than my own birthday. Hahaha

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