The Cast Of ‘Glee’ Does TV Guide Magazine


New episodes of Glee return tomorrow night with a new ep titled Hell-O (which some lucky folks in LA got to see in full over the weekend at a public premiere screening event that was held at The Grove outdoor shopping center on Saturday evening) and while we are surely excited for that event, we need to also get excited for next week’s new ep of Glee as well. As y’all might already know, next week’s ep is titled The Power of Madonna and will feature all Madonna songs (this particular episode will also come with its very own soundtrack). A few Glee castmembers are featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of TV Guide magazine this week … each of them is decked out in a different incarnation of Madonna. Here is our first look at the cover of TV Guide and some quotes from the accompanying interview:

On her early memories of Madonna, Lea Michele remembers attending Madonna’s Drowned World Tour three times and styling her hair like Miss Ciccone when attending Bat Mitzvahs. Matthew Morrison recalls: “I wasn’t a big fan of Madonna; never got into it.” “As a heterosexual guy, she didn’t have much impact on my life.” Chris Colfer: “I was not allowed to listen to Madonna when I was younger.” “My mother and grandmother had all the CDs but didn’t want me to hear about sex.” Mark Salling grew up in a strict Christian home in the South: “Madonna was considered the she-devil.” Jane Lynch recalls: “sitting at a bar all drunk on Long Island ice teas watching her ‘Material Girl’ video and thinking, ‘How Ballsy.’ “

Oh man … I’m thinkin’ this Madonna ep of Glee will go down as one of THE biggest episodes of any TV show this entire year … it’s that good. Because I was lucky enough to receive a preview screener of the ep, I’ve already watched it 6 times … it’s such a great ep! And this issue of TV Guide looks almost as fun as the episode itself. After the jump, check out three Madonnaesque photos included in this new issue of TV Guide

I am dying for all y’all to see this ep … but, first we have an entirely NEW ep of Glee to enjoy tomorrow night. Ahhh … it’s too much fun to handle!! Make sure y’all pick up this issue of TV Guide, on sale this Thursday, to add it to your Gleeky collection (cuz I know you have one). I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos featured in this issue.

[Photo credit: Art Streiber for TV GUIDE MAGAZINE; Source, Source]

  • Katie

    Gleeeeeeeeeeeee :)

  • Nice cones, Sue…LOL! It’s so random…

  • Persephone

    Hot damn, Jane Lynch looks amazing as a femme!

  • Illise

    Cant wait to see the episode

  • g

    the only reason I would want to become a celebrity is to do fun photo shoots like this!

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    My dad was watching this the other night and he was like, “What the hell is this?” and then Rachel was singing and he was like, “Holy shit, is that a man or a women?” hahaaha. I don’t watch this show, but I definitely should! It looks like a lot of fun. ; )

  • Nicole (different Nicole)

    Jane Lynch looks amazing in her Vogue look, she is so great

  • testington

    I haaaaaaaaaaaate your mobile site so much! Please how do I get to the regular site on my G1 phone?

    • @testington – There should be an option at the bottome of the mobile site that let’s you see the regular page on your mobile phone

  • Wee!! They all look good. My fave is gonna have to be Jane :)

  • Val 2.0

    Funny. I love the mobile version.

  • rokilla

    Jane Lynch FTW!

  • BigMama

    Cone bra on Ms. Lynch isn’t random, Georjie, it’s classic Madonna. You must be a young’un :)
    To further illustrate how old I am…what does FTW mean? Is it just WTF inverted for funky effect?

  • well, GLEE is the best musical tv series out there, nice characters and nice songs “,,

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