Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Travel BFFs


Twilight co-stars, rumored paramours and confirmed BFFs Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted making their way thru an airport in Budapest, Hungary yesterday lookin’ very much like they did NOT want to be photographed together. Now, it’s not unusual for either young celeb to shun the attention of flashbulbs but it seems especially curious to me that they took such great pains to avoid being photographed … together:

Yeah … I’m sure there is nothing romantic going on here (well, I’m kinda sure) but it seems a bit suspicious that these friends would sneak off to a beautiful city like Budapest together and be all shy about it. It’s not uncommon to see R. Pattz and K. Stew hanging out and traveling together when they are bizzy working on Twilight together but … this is just a random trip to Hungary … together … just the two of them.

HMMM. What do y’all think is going on here? Is this just an innocent trip between BFFs or do you suspect (like I’m kinda starting to) that something more substantial is going on betwixt these two?

[Photo credit: Splash News}

  • Katie

    I say 50/50. 50% chance they are just friends, 50% they are banging boots. Tough to call as of now.

  • Lauren

    I don’t know, I have several guy friends that I do things with all the time, we’ll go to concerts together etc. even if my husband doesn’t want to join us… so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that they really are just BFF’s and not romantically involved. But you never can tell.

  • Laure75

    Is this a joke? Didn’t he confirm back in February to the Sun that yes, they are dating??

  • nicole

    I dunno…im with lauren…i have some guy friends i go to random places with all the time. even weekends away, so it could be nothing.
    @Laure75 – he hasnt confirmed anything. neither have them have.

  • Desdemina

    What ever happened to kristens bf Michael somethg? Did they officially break up and I missed it?

  • Aerdreaj

    It doesn’t matter. Either way it’s a good career move and ensures more publicity for the both of them. Look how long it took for beyonce and jay-z to come out of the relationship closet. But we all know if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…

  • g

    I just feel sorry for them. Damn if they are, damned if they aren’t. The fans of this series either want them together so it is just like the movie, OR haaatte Kristen for stealing Rpatz away from them (like they had a chance)

  • adrinila

    OM OM LOVE IS IN THE AIR <3 and they look pretty good together, for what I saw in their separate interviews and when they're together both have things in common so they will be perfect together, obviesly as a twilighter I'm crossing my fingers for that they finally tell us the truth!! XD

  • Ama

    Or….they could just be friends with benefits. :)

  • Sunny

    It isn’t that random that they are in Budapest as Robert has been filming Bel Ami there. I imagine Kristen enjoyed celebrating her birthday with her bff/bf. :-)

  • Tracy

    Kristen just had a birthday on Friday. So, I’m pretty sure that is why she was there. I hate to admit it, but I think something is going on. I think they are seeing each other. We’ll see how long it last.

  • Brittany

    I think this is really funny. Yes, guys and girls can be “just friends” and I understand that they are both pretty private people but at the same time, would “friends” need to be sneaking around? I mean, you dont see Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson sneaking in and out of airports and cars together. (ok, maybe that is a bad example) but you get it!

  • Landy

    Regardless of what their status is, I feel bad that they seem to not be able to have a private life. At this point, I can say the media goes too far for a profit, to the point that they harass people on their personal time.

  • amanda

    in other news, k.stew’s hair is looking less mullety and for that, i am excited.



  • Tessa

    he is representing my school on his cap.

    probably the closest we’ll ever be to married. haha:)

  • Manda

    I agree with Katie…there is a 50/50 chance and maybe we’ll never know either way lol

  • This is one of those “arrangements” that we’ll never know for sure. Haha. Either way, Kristen is lucky, Robert is a catch :)

  • Amy

    They could just be friends. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if KStew actually liked the ladies.

  • katymae

    I understand that they can just be friends, BUT, Kristen could have spent her birthday with ALL of her friends than with just ONE friend, who is in a whole other country working!

  • Katherine

    Kristen appears to have washed her hair! woot!

    Wouldn’t they get a little less media attention if they just came out with it already? I suppose that would just start all the pregnant and breakup rumors though.

  • lucile

    I agree with Katherine –

    I think there is something going on between them. Because, celebrating your birthday in Budapest where your rumored BF is working, rather than celebrating with your other friends and family (although it was said Kristen’s family was with her in Budapest) is …. you know…
    But then again Budapest is a beautiful place and maybe she just wanted to get away and relax (but that’s impossible for them)

    Uhmm okei too much time surfing the internet.. tsk.

  • J

    Trent … you’re a bit behind on this one … or very behind. You’re just starting to think they may be a couple? That rumor has been circulating since Twilight came out and there has already been strong evidence of their relationship.

    • @J — I’m saying nothing of the sort. Yes, the rumors have been going around for months but I’m not reporting that they are together or not becuase we simply do not know.