Tina Fey Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’


Saturday Night Live alum and current 30 Rock star Tina Fey played host on last night’s ep of SNL (to promote the release of her new film Date Night which opened in theaters this weekend) and she provided, IMHO, the BEST hour and a half of entertainment that SNL has delivered all season long. I think the magic of having Tina back on SNL really worked last night because I honestly found the entire episode a fun joy to watch:

About midway thru the ep, right around the time that Tina popped up behind the desk of Weekend Update, it occurred to me that I was enjoying the show so much because it felt like the good ol’ days of SNL when the show was funny on a fairly regular basis … back in the days when Tina was a regular castmember on the show. While I’m not the biggest Justin Bieber fan (who was the musical guest), she even managed to incorporate him into a couple of skits and make his performance really funny. Tina Fey is, like, a goddess of comedy! After the jump, check out the skits that Tina featured in in last night’s ep of Saturday Night Live — even if you watched them last night, I think they are funny enough for another look …

The Sarah Palin Network:

Brownie Husband:

The Masters Tournament:

Weekend UpdateWomen’s News:


Ruff, Rugger & Roker:

School Dance:


While a couple of the skits were still a bit hokey, Tina still managed to make them work. It dawned on me that while SNL has never been perfect, the show works mainly because of the strong castmembers that appear on the show — strong castmembers that are usually female. Tina has always been a fantastic actress, I dare say she managed to carry the whole show last night. It was great seeing her back on SNL … it’s just a shame she can’t be back on the show more permanently. Did you watch SNL last night? What did you think of Tina Fey’s performance?


  • Alicia

    Agreed. I watched the whole episode without once feeling the need to get up and busy myself through a bad sketch.

  • jadedsweetie

    it was really funny. loved the weekend update segment she did and the teacher skit. haha

  • nicole

    finally a good one. maybe the writers are finally realizing they’ve been giving people crap to work with.
    p.s. Tina Fey is damn hot in that B&W pic.

  • tory

    I really liked the school dance skit and weekend update ofcourse..cant wait for betty white to host!!!

  • A

    These are hilarious!
    I agree with nicole, Tina Fey is one hot chica.

  • Manda

    Yeah this was a good episode! She even made Bieber tolerable. I wish they had done more with the Tiger Woods commercial though.


    I love Tina Fey! I saw “Date Night” last night and it was fairly good, if not a tad bit long. I agree that the sketches were pretty funny – she still has it!

  • joe

    did anyone else notice though that they didn’t use kristen wiig in any skits with tina, she only appeared in the weekend update ‘aunt judy’ segment?! unless i missed something, i think SNL missed a great opportunity to feature two of its best female cast members together in what could be comic gold. loved the episode, though, i’m just sayin’ . . . comic gold!

  • Kendra

    Hot damn! Look at those gams! Cheeyyoowww!!

  • Luv Ya

    Tina Fey is seriously funny, no doubt. Her best bit by far was the news update segment. That was not only hilarious but right on the nose. But I absolutely hated both Justin Bieber’s “singing” and his inclusion in more than one sketch. I get the feeling that the busy schedule Tina was complaining about at the beginning of the night had her too unavailable to do much rehearsal so they kept her parts lightweight (literally for the 9 inch woman) except for the news and the Sarah Palin network sketch both for which she had only to read the cue cards. It was a funny show, but seemed a bit off pace.

  • Tracy

    Justin Bieber was horrrrrrrrible and I could barely watch the skits including him but Tina is FABULOUS. I miss her so much.

  • Julia

    lol i think the justin bieber ones r hilarious. especially the one in class. those songs were funny as. his acting wasnt quite as good tho but it was still funny.

  • Bob

    Totally agree. I normally skip through most of the show to Weekend Update but found myself watching the whole thing. Tina Fey is the best ! Although, it was a little strange hardly seeing Kristeb Wiig !!

  • Steph

    Yes, Trent! I totally agree. I used to watch the show religiously about 10 years ago… back when Tina Fey was head-writer (first female head-writer @ SNL, might I add! God, she rocks.)
    Not only is it important to have a great cast, but in order for SNL to work well, they need to be able to play off one another… there’s just no David Spade/Chirs Farley… Chris Kattan/Will Ferrell… Jimmy Fallon/Horatio Sanz… The show just lacks chemistry between the cast members.
    They need some fresh meat.