‘True Blood’ Season 3 Releases A Batch Of New Promo Stills


A new batch of promo stills from the upcoming third season of True Blood have made their way to the Internets giving us a fresh look at some familiar faces that we already know and love …

… as well as our FIRST LOOK at some new characters that will be introduced in this new season. After the jump, check out some of those photos and find out which new True Blood characters may become your new faves in the coming weeks …

Marshall Allman will play Sam Merlotte’s younger brother, Denis O’Hare will play the Vampire King of Mississippi, Theo Alexander appears to be a charming new vampire character and James Frain has been cast to play Tara’s new love interest. And speaking of Tara (expertly played by Rutina Wesley), she is featured in a new production preview clip as part of the Waiting Sucks promo campaign:

How’s this for a True Blood update? Lots of goodies today … can’t wait to see more!


  • Meghan

    Love James Frain! Can’t wait to see him in this!

  • Tracy

    I LOVE Jessica. She is absolutely hilarious and so cute with Hoyt. I cannot freaking wait for this!

  • Jo

    Sam Merlotte is looking eerily more and more like Britney’s boyfriend! Aaah! Can’t wait for this season :)

  • Heather B.

    James Frain seems to always pop up in my favorite shows/movies and is always fantastic. Looove this!

  • kristy

    LOOOVE MARSHALL ALLMAN AND JAMES FRAIN!!! i literally gasped when i saw their pictures!! i cant frikkin wait for the new season!!

  • nicole


  • emily

    oh my god Jo so true. its hot but creepy at the same time!

  • krissy

    WHERE is Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten)???? How can they even release pictures without including one of his abs? I can’t take this torture! ;)

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    WOW, Sams brother is HOT!!!

  • J

    Ugh! HA-HATE that kid with Sam that used to be in Prison Break… kill him off already. He better not be a vamp or something like that is hard to kill… cause he is gona drive me insane already and i don’t know his character.

  • Jenna

    Oh Eric… thats all

  • Portia

    thank you Trent. you just made my week with this. i cannot wait for true blood to come back!

  • MelMel

    omg!!! i cannnooottt waitTTT!!!!

  • persephone

    thanks for posting this trent! wow im happy you are posting some true blood news.. i dont see it getting featured that much here

  • ausettofegypt


  • Anne

    Theo Alexander is playing Talbot, who is Russel Edgington’s (The King of Mississippi) boyfriend. Hopefully we’ll have some fun scenes between the two of them! ;) Can’t wait!

  • sookie sux

    Who is Theo ALexander. HOT. Can’t wait to check him out this season!