Lindsay Lohan Presents 6126 Fall 2010


Last December we learned that Lindsay Lohan was planning to expand her 6126 leggings line into a full clothing line due for release at some point this year. Today we get our first look at the first promo pics to be released from the new 6126 Fall Collection:

This fall, Lindsay Lohan’s 6126 line expands beyond its signature leggings into a full collection. The 280 pieces, which retail from $60 to $1000, include edgy minidresses and a draped, gold leather vest, as well as fall staples like chunky cardigans and embellished hoodies. The new collection’s inspiration? “The iconic Marilyn Monroe and the timeless, confident glamour she represents,” reads the lookbook’s introduction.

Considering that Lindsay just got fired as the “creative director” at the Emanuel Ungaro fashion house, you’d think Lindsay would’ve learned her limits at helming fashion collections but … well, you’ve got to admire her tenacity. After the jump, check out some of the looks that 6126 will make available this Fall. Lindsay, along with her little sister Aliana Ali Lohan, model some of the looks — check ‘em out …

In all honesty, the actual finished pieces look more impressive than they did when they were just sketches. While none of this looks especially unique to me, I can’t really see anything wrong with these outfits. Maybe this new 6126 clothing line will help keep L. Lo out of the poor house? What do y’all think … are these clothes that YOU would like to wear?


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Honestly, not that bad!

  • andi

    I agree with Mr. Gyllenhaal, I actually like these pieces…we’ll see what the rest of the collection looks like but if I had money to spend on clothes and if I would fit into the pixie sized world of designer clothing I would definitely be buying some from her line…I love the dress on the bottom left…

  • mikey

    I really quite like them. I wish ali lohan wasn’t modeling some of them but creatively they look good. Hopefully this will be the turning point in her ever increasing tragic life

  • debho

    Not too bad. Nothing really jumps out at me, but I would probably buy something.

  • nicole

    i agree…i like them.

  • bird

    i don’t get how any of this was ‘inspired’ by marilyn monroe. maybe joan jett.

    it’s not all bad, but it’s nothing special. i don’t see people rushing out to buy lilo’s clothes. it’s not like she’s a modern fashion icon. half the time she’s a fashion trainwreck.

  • krissy

    None of this looks new to me. It seems like she is just doing versions of what other designers already created, but most likely she won’t have the same quality of pattern makers. If you are going to pay $1000 for something, you want it well made. If these were clothes that were priced lower, it would make more sense to me.

  • Carolyn

    She looks deranged in that top pic.


    I really don’t mind the clothes and yeah, I would buy some of them if the price range was a little better…

  • pws

    There seems to be a disconnect between her supposed inspiration and the actual clothing. What’s more likely is she opened her closet, threw together her favorite outfits and then recreated them for her line.

  • Mal

    You all realize that she does not design anything. She hires designers, they come up with the looks..she attends a few board meetings and here we are.

  • Hyz

    She looks like hell, but I must admit I really like some of the designs.


    Her designs are just as nuts as she is
    she needs help, obvi

  • Franki

    Ay caramba.. I LIKE them! guess Lilo will be making some
    $$ cuz I want the last three outfits lol

  • Nate

    You shouldn’t talk about shit you know nothing about bitch. Also way fucking cool!!! 6126 has been a major success for over 3 years now and it will continue to be so for another 3 years or more.

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  • LolleyGagger

    TOO GOD DAMN EXPENSIVE unless the godess herself wears them without underwear before I buy them.
    MMMMMMMMM essence of redhead, pink lips and a red bean hold the straw.

  • DLRT2

    The clothes look wearable and chic and designed for very thin women. This is Lindsay’s baby, the Ungaro thing was a publicity stunt. She’s great at photoshoots and her face looks lovely here. Looking at these pics though it is obvious Ali’s got the model’s body, poses well and will get better at it. She’s only in that shot next to Lindsay but there’s another one of her released on other sites. She’s most striking here. She’s kinda badass looking, edgy, tall and lean and yes, sexy and I look forward to seeing more of her.

  • Brittny Doll

    Top picture left says “metalic paper bag princess”. I wouldn’t buy anything that looks wrecked.