Jennifer Hudson Shows Off Her New Body By Weight Watchers


Last week it was announced that Academy Award-winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson has been tapped to be the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers and at an in-person appearance event in NYC last Thursday, J. Hud revealed her new look to the assembled press … and da-yum, does she look good!

The secret behind Jennifer Hudson’s amazing body after baby? Weight Watchers. In fact, the new mom revealed she’s the new spokesperson for the company today. “With Weight Watchers I am enjoying the weight loss because I’m doing it the right way I feel empowered with what I’ve learned, everything from portion control to what foods will help keep me satisfied,” said the 28-year-old singer-actress. “It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet.” The Oscar-winning actress who has a 7-month-old son, David Daniel Otunga Jr., with her fiancĂ© David Otunga, 28, also likes how the diet fits into her busy lifestyle. “I can follow the plan no matter where I am, still enjoy my favorite foods and even use the iPhone app to track my points,” she said. Hudson is no stranger to publicly discussing her weight: After being called “the big girl” as a contestant on “American Idol,” the singer transformed her body for her Oscar winning turn as Effie in “Dreamgirls” by packing on more than 20 lbs. with a diet of “cakes and cookies and lots of friend food,” she told PEOPLE. She later lost the weight for the premiere of the film. Past celebrities who have represented Weight Watchers include Jenny McCarthy, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson and Lynn Redgrave.

Wow … she really does look fantastic! I can’t think of a more fitting, more beautiful spokesperson for Weight Watchers. If sticking to the program can make J. Hud look this good, I’m certain that a whole host of people out there will turn to the service to try and better manage their weight as well. To be honest, I’ve always thought that Jennifer Hudson was a beauty but … know she’s a bona fide knock out!

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  • lady surgeon

    Good Lordy! She looks FANTASTIC!!!!!! wow – what a stunning beauty!

  • LaTigresse

    Wow! Jennifer looks hawwwt! She shouldn’t loose a pound more, she looks slim and healthy! Perfect!

  • brenda

    Congrats, JHud! Don’t want her to become an X-ray, though. We need role models in all sizes.


    She does look awesome, but it’s a bit weird seeing her this skinny. I thought she pulled off that curves quite well.

  • nicole

    i liked her curvy because she was one of the few who were proud of thier curves and really embraced them. but i cant hate her, she looks AMAZING! I just hope she doesnt get smaller.

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  • truthyisalways

    She’s a beautiful woman, before and now. She looks healthy and happy!

  • Shelly

    With all the horror she went through losing her family members, I’m happy she is now leading a pretty positive life. She’s really an inspiration on how to pick yourself up after you grieve and get on with your life. She’ll do well as the spokesperson for Weight Watchers. :)

  • Chivonne

    The ads starting airing here over the weekend and I couldn’t believe how good she looks! This is a great healthy weight for her

  • krib

    Good for her! She looks amazing! Weight Watchers is a great program that teaches you to eat healthy and exercise, which is really the only way to lose weight in a healthy manner.

  • Illise

    wow she looks stunning

  • Cait

    Okay. I wanted to ask because I’m really curious and don’t have a lot of experience in this sort of thing–but is that a wig that she’s wearing ? Her hair is so….perfect !

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • Manda

    J.Hud, you look fantastic, but you have GOT to do something about that hair. Awful!

  • Spice

    I’m inspired – seriously. I feel like if she can do it – I can to. Did they say how long it took her to loose the weight?

    I work full time and I’m a student. I haven’t put a lot of time into looking my best. I’d want to start Weight Watchers the benning of my (I’m done with school then). I wonder if I’d see good results just by following WW and working out. Trent – interested in before and after pictures?