Is Lindsay Lohan Headed For The Poor House?


As if Lindsay Lohan didn’t have enough problems contending with her father’s meddling in her life, it appears she has other — bigger — probs to contend with. According to TMZ (who usually tends to get these things right more than they get them wrong), Linds is in a world of financial trubs … and she doesn’t seem to have many viable options for getting herself out of that trouble. It is being reported that L. Lo had failed to pay 2 months of rent and was almost evicted before she had to pony up and shell out over $20,000 just to pay what she owed. Considering the fact that she was recently fired from her post as “Creative Director” at Emanuel Ungaro and doesn’t appear to have any substantial work in her future, her inability to pay her rent on time seems like it could be a big problem. Is it possible that the once millionairess is now broke?

Lindsay Lohan is broke — so much so, she can’t even pay her rent on time, sources tell TMZ. We’ve learned Lindsay was two months behind in rent and her landlord sent her a legal notice to pay or get out. Lindsay just paid her landlord $23,000 to become current. What’s worse … Lindsay isn’t pulling in any income and her prospects for work are almost non-existent because of substance abuse issues … according to our sources. In the few days since TMZ published the story that friends and professionals are deeply afraid for Lindsay, the situation has become even more dire. We’re told there is still a strong feeling — even resignation — that Lindsay will die soon if she doesn’t get help. There is deep frustration among the remaining people in Lindsay’s world that her mom, Dina, is enabling her daughter by insisting Lindsay is fine. As for how Lindsay could possibly be in compliance with her alcohol education program — all she’s required to do is go to the classes and refrain from driving. Drug and alcohol testing are not part of the drill. More evidence of Lindsay’s situation: last night she went to Les Deux, where she once again fell — hard — on her way out of the club. After the crash, she got up, dusted herself off … and went to another nightclub.

And the hits just keep on comin’. In all honesty, I highly doubt that Lindsay is totally broke … right now … but I can see how the life she has been living will totally deplete her resources if she doesn’t get new, lucrative work — soon. A few weeks ago, there was a report that Lindsay had teamed up with Christian Audigier to design a new line of purses for Ed Hardy … but she has since shot down those reports as false. As tacky as it would be to work for Ed Hardy, at least it would’ve been a pretty substantive paycheck. What really sucks is that there seems to be no one out there to really help her … her father just seems to want to use her public problems for his own PR gain and her mother appears to have her head buried in the sand, denying that her daughter has any problems at all. I fear that Lindsay’s story may have a tragic end … which is so sad because she showed so much promise as a young actress. She definitely has the power to turn her life around … if she wants to. I hope, for her sake, she comes to that realization sooner rather than later … before it’s too late.

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  • g

    Next stop: Dancing With The Stars


    I don’t understand how she can be broke. I mean, I know her life is unstable and that she spends a lot of money but…still. She got 1 million for Confessions and Mean Girls and she even got 7.5 million for Just My Luck! Not to mention her other films, too, and her endorsements. Gaaaah.

  • Bee

    As much as I think her father’s a scum bag and that he’s going about getting her into rehab in the most incredibly wrong ways, at least he’s going about it. Dina has obviously done nothing, and it’s clear that this trainwreck of a girl needs some sort of serious help. She’s like Britney a few years ago, except unlike Britney, it’s annoying how long she’s been a train wreck. It’s beyond pathetic now. But unlike Britney, Lindsay doesn’t have a single parent responsible enough to look after her. If this report about her being broke is indeed true, I hope her scummy father keeps pushing her into rehab. Maybe then she’ll have a fighting chance.

  • Tracy

    Chase…..coke is an expensive habit.

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    @chase-They give a lot of that money out to PR, management, assistance, taxes, hair and makeup…that goes quick. @Tracy, best comment of the day. Here is an idea…get a job LLO. Step away from Hollywood and get a job.

  • PixiesBassline

    She needs to find cheaper rent! Damn!

  • Manda

    LMAO @ Tracy

  • yousarocker

    $10,000 a month rent?!?! I could rent out every unit in my building with that amount and have the whole damn place to myself.

  • yousarocker

    . . . AND still have $3,500 left over to spend at IKEA.

  • Poor house? Broke? What a joke, and not even funny.

    If a person is famous enough that you know their name they can make money doing NOTHING. Trust me she has more money coming on things she has done in the past than most of us will ever make. Can’t make her $10,000 a month rent? MOVE or get a real JOB. WTF

  • Dude

    Call me shithouse crazy but I have the feeling she’s going to do porn in 1 or 2 years.

  • rambp

    i agree with Dude i think she is headign for pornoville amd i for one woulg watch it and i wouldnt be the only one doing so but still con’t wish this on her she was and could be again a great star i feel for her, someone help her if all that i said is true she is a mess but still think she is cute and would love to see MORE of her skinwise as well as acting wise but no more singing please lol

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  • jolene blalock

    she blew it. young actress, successful, made a bad name for herself and probably cannot find work anymore. she should have many years left, but doesn’t. the public doesn’t want to see her movies anymore.

  • Steph Rob

    Let’s say she has made $15 million in her career. After taxes and legal / agent fees that leaves roughly $8 million. Give mommy her allowance and it leaves you with $5 million over 7 years or $715k per year.

    $120k for rent (that’s what the article implies)
    $150k for drugs
    $200k for bodyguards and a cheap entourage
    That leaves $245k for everything else.

  • Mark

    Porn is about all she has left provided she has no STD’s that would bar her from “acting”

    Other then that.

  • JJ

    Yeah she going 2 be broke asap don’t forget that her agent gets 30% first and Uncle Sam gets 40% after Yeah she parties alot and drugs. LA is expensive lifestyles I can she her going broke. Plus she hasn’t done anything big in long time.

  • JJ

    10,000 Rent in LA is only average crib for celeb. yeah she probably doing porn as we speak (private ones) to fork up rent money and support her drug habits. Her career is over ,Hollywood and Disney has moved on with new female stars without drama. Lidsay probably end up like Britnay Murphy.