‘Iron Man 2’ Releases More Photos, More Posters


The Iron Man 2 goodies just keep on comin’, y’all! On Wednesday we got to see the WonderCon exclusive poster of Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson) and today we get to see a slew of new photos and posters from the highly-anticipated sequel. First up, here is a batch of character promo pics of the second tier characters featured in Iron Man 2:

After launching “Iron Man 2″ official website, Paramount Pictures has updated the site with many new pictures. Beside featured in a number of production images, main characters such as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Pepper Potts, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow and Ivan Vanko/Whiplash are exposed individually in promo photos. After revealing that he is the man behind the armored superhero Iron Man, billionaire inventor Tony is asked to share his technology. Unwilling to divulge the secrets behind the Iron Man armor because he fears the information will slip into the wrong hands, Tony forges new alliances and confronts powerful new forces with Pepper and James “Rhodey” Rhodes at his side. Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow reprise their roles as Tony and Pepper, while Don Cheadle is tapped to replace Terrence Howard as James. New characters Black Widow and Whiplash are portrayed by Scarlett Johansson and Mickey Rourke respectively. Director Jon Favreau also stars as Hogan, Tony’s assistant. This “Iron Man” sequel is targeted for May 7 release in the U.S.

Personally, I’d take Pepper Potts (played by Gwyneth Paltrow) over Black Widow any day, hands down … but, I guess there’s enough room for both ladies in this flick. In addition to these individual character promos (all of which you can find HERE at the official site), we also get to check out new posters of Iron Man and War Machine

Check ‘em out after the jump …

Love it, love it all! I’ve already got my computer desktop decked out in AWESOME new Iron Man 2 artwork … courtesy of the movie’s official site. Wee!!


  • the skinny

    trent, you do realize that if Gwyneth Paltrow makes GOOP, then basic mathematics teaches us that Pepper Potts makes… sorry but I have a bone to pick with G.P. !

  • Candice

    What’s wrong with Gweyneth’s picture? Did they superimpose her head on another body – it doesn’t look right

  • Jenn

    skinny! is that why she calls her goop thing goop? her initials?

  • the skinny

    Yes, but I’m not sure what the OO’s are for. I have not visited that website… yet. I am saving all my money. So that when GOOP changes my entire life I can afford it! I sould be ready in about 72 years. :(

  • Jazz

    I can’t wait for Iron Man 2!!

  • Linda

    I really loved the first Iron Man, I was surprised since I was hesitant to rent it when it came out. I am looking forward to the second installment in this series.