More Photos Of The ‘Glee’ Cast In ‘Rolling Stone’ Magazine


Yesterday we got our first look at the cast of Glee (well, most of the cast of Glee) on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine … today, we get to see a couple photos that are featured inside this issue of RS. First, check out this cute pic of the cast which includes the show’s main gay Chris Colfer in his sassy Boy Scout uniform:

While I think Chris should’ve been included on the cover (as well as Mark Salling, hello?!), I’m glad to see that he is featured in the Glee photospread. In addition to these 50’s themed photos, Rolling Stone also shares with us the real yearbook photos of the main Glee folks. Check out those pics after the jump …

Oh look, Mark Salling is finally included! LOL!!! His has to be the BEST worst yearbook photo … along with Jane Lynch’s photo!! These are amazing! This issue of RS is a deffo must own. It hits newsstands tomorrow … I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos. Which yearbook photo is YOUR fave?


  • Janelle

    Personally , I do like Jane’s!! It’s so freshly her time when she was young :) Jenna’s is my other fave, but mostly because it’s relatable personally.

  • Madsme

    Where’s Finn?

  • Jen

    He didn’t finish highschool.

  • This cast must be loving life right now… who knew this show would become such a hit!

  • Joe

    What about Santana?

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I love it!! What a great shoot!

  • Jackie

    lol! What is going on with Mark?!

  • roxster

    I love Jane Lynch’s! I think its so her! Jayma Mays looks great too…she so cute. Mark though…ugh, poor boy.

  • azuresque

    Kevin McHale looks really good in the yearbook photo!

  • LOL!!! I much prefer Mark with his current bikini strip mohawk rather than THAT!!!
    …and Jayma is so adorable…

  • Illise

    I love glee the pictures are just lol mark looks like such a womanizer lol i didnt knew that chris was so young

  • iheartjaneausten

    I cannot wait for this show to be back! Love love love it!

  • robin

    wow kevin mchale looks like someone i would’ve thought was hot in high and jayma are cuuuuute! they could be prom king and queen :)

  • robin

    ps…love that a bunch of them are class of 2004 like ME!! :)

  • jane

    seriously finn didnt finish high school??

  • victoria

    jayma’s is so cute!

  • Joelle

    Cory didnt even go to high school, he says school wasnt his thing.