The Cast Of ‘Glee’ Does ‘Rolling Stone’ Magazine


Principal castmembers of the hit Fox TV series Glee are featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine. In a coverphoto that is very reminiscent of the RS issue that featured the cast of Friends back in the 90’s, the Glee cast is posed in an idealized vision of High School Americana … behold:

With its group dance numbers and earnest covers of songs like Journey’s buoyant “Don’t Stop Believin’,” Glee seems like the sunniest show on TV. But darkness lurks just barely below the surface — the series also seamlessly weaves in plots about teen pregnancy, scheming wives and the most hard-hearted cheerleading coach to ever grip a whistle. Rolling Stone ventures into the Fox hit’s most controversial corners, uncovering the stories behind stolen car stereos, illegal substances, Facebook-revenge fantasies and more in the new issue. Glee creator Ryan Murphy, who previously helmed Nip/Tuck, explains the show’s double-edged appeal: “It’s about there being great joy to being different, and great pain.” Twenty-three-year-old Lea Michele, the Broadway talent who plays Rachel, tells RS about her tattoos, and Cory Monteith, who portrays jock Finn, owns up to a few childhood arrests for offenses that “didn’t hurt people.” Dianna Argon (slippery cheerleader Quinn) describes what it was like joining the cast late and falling victim to Monteith’s fart pranks, and 19-year-old Chris Colfer, who bravely plays gay teen Kurt, opens up about his own painful youth and his never-changing voice. “You know that forget-and-forgive bullshit? No, no, no, no, not for me,” he says of channeling childhood traumas into creative energy. “You take that grudge and let that grudge fester, and then you use it.” The only Glee cast member who talks back is Jane Lynch, but her softer side comes out when she stopped by the Rolling Stone offices recently for an Off the Cuff chat with Rolling Stone movie critic Peter Travers. For the full interview with Lynch, go to

It seems to me that this very obvs nod to the Friends cover of Rolling Stone is intentional. Friends was THE show that everyone watched, loved and talked about for many, many years … it appears that RS believes that Glee will be that show for us now. I can’t say I disagree … Glee really appeals to so many different people … and even if you don’t like watching the show, how can you resist the music? We may look back in a decade’s time and remember when Glee was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone after it enjoys a long run of success on TV, much like we remember the Friends issue all those years ago. This issue of RS goes on sale this Friday … you collectors might want to pick up a copy or two; Gleeks will wanna pick up at least 5 copies ;)


  • Drew

    I was immediately reminded of the Friends cover as well. I disagree about Glee having a long life or anything like that. These kids cant stay in hs forever. The show will probably lose steam by its 3rd or 4th season. That happens with most teen-oriented shows (The O.C, Gossip Girl, The Hills etc).
    P.S. Yes, i’m aware Glee is not the same type plots as those other shows, but u catch my point.

    • @Drew — You may be right, but it’s got a good chance for longevity.

  • Kendra

    My sister doesn’t really like the show and hates the music..If I didn’t love her so much I’d disown her..

  • FK

    Why do we have to be looking up Lea Michele’s skirt? That seems totally unneccessary.

  • Nate

    I personally love the two lesbian cheerleader chicks. They’re funny and they are the best part of the whole show.

  • Claire

    @Drew – I completely agree. I can’t see it having as long of a run as Friends (but I’m a bit biased seeing as how Friends is one of my favorite shows ever.) Shows based around high school just can’t last very long unless they can transition out of that stage, but I can’t see a show about glee club being able to make that transition.

  • Lana

    Maybe the show will just keep it in high school forever? Who knows. If they do it right they can keep the show going for a while.

  • Brittany

    Everyone’s replaceable, when they make the current class graduate, im sure they can find people with just as much talent

  • Janelle

    @FK – I agree.

  • Helene

    I love me some Glee, but this cover, just like friends is all too white for my liking. This one gets a thumbs down from me I’m afraid…

  • mimi

    most shows dont have as long a run as friends, so making predictions about glee’s longevity in comparison to friends seems sort of irrelevant to me (i love friends, but you cant compare the two!)

    the only problem about starting so fantastically, is for the writers to make season 2 even more fantastic (not the episodes about to start, but the official second season). i really hope they can do that, because glee is amazing so far!

  • roxster

    @ FK that was my first thought as well. I don’t remember the Friends pic. Does that mirror it?

    @ Nate: What lesbian cheerleaders? The two that are always behind Quinn? I don’t recall any scene that indicated they were anything other then friends….

  • Kristy

    These covers are reminiscent of Norman Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post covers, which is why they have the same feel.

  • MiMi LaRue

    why the FUCK isn’t the effeminate gay boy & the heavy black girl on the cover too?
    It irks me that they can put the irrelevant cheerleader on there, but not the two most enlightening characters (besides Sue) on the iconic cover of RS?
    I’d call racism & homophobia over this just to get it reformed.

  • emma

    @mimi la rue. its because these are the MAIN characters. not everyone is going to fit on a magazine cover. and from what i understand (and i watch every episode) the cheerleader is NOT irrelevant she actually has a major storyline. seems like someone has high school issues here.

  • z

    @ MiMi LaRue – The “effeminate gay boy” & the “heavy black girl” have names: Kurt & Mercedes.

    @FK – I agree!

  • Chris

    @roxster-During the group cell phone conversation (after Mercedes had told the rest of the Glee club that Puck had told her that he was Quinn’s babydaddy, and they’re worried about Rachel finding out), Brittany says something to the effect that Santana & her are having sex, but that doesn’t mean they’re dating. It’s just one line, but it’s definitely there.

  • I’m sad that Puck was not included. However, I like this cover. I’m not sure about the FRIENDS-like longevity but I admit that I am a Gleek :)

  • LeaFan101

    I like how Lea Michelle is portrayed on this cover…Very nice, she needs her own RS cover!!

  • rob

    what part does the dog play?

  • robin

    why have i never seen that friends cover photo?? i loooove friends. i’m sure if the show remains as successful as the first season the writers could continue it on for many more seasons.

  • jen

    As far as how long the show will last, I, unfortunately, think it may be a flash in the pan. Sometimes something gets so big so fast that it just can’t go any higher – flying too closely to the sun, etc. I don’t think the “graduating thing” is really an issue – Ryan Murphy said on Oprah that they will just continue coming back each year, and not graduate. Additionally on the comparison of the cover of the Friends cast, the same photographer, Mark Seliger, took both photos. And as far as leaving anyone out of the picture, it makes sense that they would focus on the main characters – it wouldn’t be such an iconic image of all 12 (15? 18?) characters had to be in the photo. HOWEVER, I think it would have been awesome to have a foldout cover with the image continuing with the rest of the cast trailing behind (maybe with Jenna riding on Kevin’s lap in the wheelchair and/or Mercedes riding/pushing from behind like people ride standing up behind a shopping cart). But, of course, Rolling Stone never takes any of my suggestions. :)

  • LT

    the story they did in the magazine was on those characters, those were the people they planned on interviewing so that is who got to be on the cover