Joan Rivers & Bobby Trendy Are BFFs


Yikes!! Joan Rivers and the immeasurably tragic Bobby Trendy were spotted here in LA filming a new segment for Joan’s TV show How’d You Get So Rich? Words fail at the level of … well, FAIL that is featured in these photos:

I’m pretty sure that TV Land, the network that airs How’d You Get So Rich?, is hoping to draw in viewers by featuring outrageous people but I shudder to imagine what type of audience is attracted by Bobby Trendy. I’m thinkin’ Joan decided to feature Bobby because she actually looks attractive in comparison. Mebbe Joan can give Bobby some better make-up tips and Bobby can, well, burn that fugly jacket so we never have to see it again? If I saw these two together on the public streets of LA, I’d deffo be running in the opposite direction … so, yeah, I think it’s safe to say this is one TV show I will NOT be watching. Ugh.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Kendra

    I guess we can all see who Lady CaCa gets her inspiration from.. ;)

  • the skinny

    I’m not sure just who Bobby Trendy is… but I do know that his entire wardrobe needs to be shot into space and then blown up. ( we wouldn’t want any alien races coming across that crap, they may think that’s what we all dress like.)

  • SuziLee

    OMFG thank you for the best laugh of my day Trent!!!! “Immeausrably tragic”!! That is Bobby Trendy to a T!!!
    Guess Joan Rivers is the new Anna Nicole Smith huh?? : )

  • Jenn

    there is a show called ‘how’d you get so rich?’? v.u.l.g.a.r

    ps. i thought he was wearing those overside wax candy lips they used to make when we were kids.

  • Jenn

    oversize. not overside.

  • vic

    haha i love joan rivers but whoever that freak is next her should go away… he does look tragic. :S

  • iheartjaneausten

    Bobby needs to lay off the lip injections for awhile. And maybe purchase a mirror…

  • jessi

    i totally havent thought about him since i stopped into his store after anna nicoles death. what a bunch of gaudy crap. both on him and in his store. woah. someone needs to slap him with his money, and then take it away.

  • toya


  • Katherine

    LOL – Trent you’re hilarious: “Tragicer” – love it.

  • Jamie

    Lol you should check out Timmy trendy from Radio one i think they are taking the piss out of that guy! Not that anybody in the UK knows who he is though

  • shle896

    I love Joan Rivers! She’s awesome and funnier than any other comedian out there.

    I’ll watch anything she does because she doesn’t take herself seriously AT ALL! She’s the best!

  • hahha these two together is going to be RIDICULOUS! I love how they both can just let loose and not care.

  • He must be doing something right because you are here talking about him. Just the other night he arrived at a benefit in Beverly Hills in a more extravagant outfit and when he walked in the entire celebrity filled event was buzzing “Bobby Trendy” just walked in. If it helps his design business more power to him! Marketing is EVERYTHING!

  • Seanpaul whitehouze

    Yer Dave aka Bobby trendy lol

  • Dasdasd

    , she is “TOTALLY right”.I think Joan Rivers is hysterical – saw her live many years ago and she was bawdy and risky and tloalty entertaining.And yes I am Jewish and work out though not as often as I should….