Jennifer Lopez Signs A New Record Deal


In February we learned that Jennifer Lopez got dumped by her record label, Sony Music Epic Records, which essentially killed her plans for the release of her new album Love?. Considering how poorly her latest single Louboutins was received by the public, it sounds like Sony decided to cut their losses. But, one record labels trash is another’s treasure … today we learn that J. Lo just scored a new record contract with Def Jam Recordings. It would appear that La Diva Latina’s music career isn’t quite finished just yet:

She said yes. Jennifer Lopez confirmed to Hitfix that she is signing with L.A. Reid’s Island Def Jam label. Rumors had been swirling since her split with Sony’s Epic Records that she and Reid would team up, but no official word from either party had been issued. Hitfix’s Greg Ellwood asked Lopez point blank “Are you signing with Def Jam” on Monday during an interview for “The Back-Up Plan” and she said yes, not once, but twice, smiling about the prospect. Word on the street is that Reid will not only sign Lopez, but will produce the actress/singer’s new album. Last month, Lopez and Epic split up before the release of her seventh studio album “Love” following the disappointing reaction to such singles as “Louboutins.” Her manager, Benny Medina, confirmed the split to Deadline Hollywood Daily, which broke the news. Since then, the IDJ chatter has only gotten louder. We can’t wait to see what Reid and Lopez come up with.

Yeah … you kinda knew that J. Lo’s music career wasn’t gonna just go away that easily. To be honest, I’m hoping this new union with Def Jam will be a fruitful one. Altho Lopez’s music has been quite shite for the past few years, she used to put out some amazingly fantastic pop/dance music back in the day. Let’s hope that this new recording contract will re-infuse her music with the vim and vigor it once had. Hope springs eternal … and my hope is that J. Lo’s next album will be a club-banger rather than another sad disappointment.


  • Splick

    I feel the same Trent, hopefully we’ll get old JLo back just like we recently got Xtina back!

  • Drew

    Good deal. I like her music a lot. It really irritates me when people say things like since she’s 40 she shouldnt make music anymore. Thats ridiculous. Bring it J.Lo!

  • nicole

    Def Jam is perrrrrrfect. They’ll bring Old JLO back for sure. Her last couple albums were decent…but Sony never released the right songs for singles. and part of the problem with Louboutins was there was no video to follow all the performances.
    I cant wait to see what Def Jam does with her!

  • Mela

    I think Island Def Jam is a much better fit. I do hope they still sign on for her Spanish projects though. I really do like her Spanish music.

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  • Chivonne

    They do know she can’t sing right?

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  • Roadwork

    I hope she gets a second chance she did have it all in the palm of her hands, and she didnt have the business savy that say a Madonna has, and she thought it would be there when she came back and it wasnt.
    But I like her, her movies make you feel good, and I like her stage performances and videos, shes a good actress I think

  • vic

    Def Jam? Saaweet… now she can do a duet with Justin Bieber, that’ll sell some records for sure! *end sarcasm*

  • tcidda

    if she didn’t look good and have a huge butt we wouldn’t even be talking about her

  • Alan

    If she would focus on singing about things that the general public would be able to associate with, then maybe people would like her music more these days. Singing about her Louboutins which barely anyone can afford or have ever seen in person isn’t how to do it.

  • It’s so hard for singers to make a good comeback… I feel like they will come out with one hit song and then be gone again. Personally, I think Britney Spears is the only one who has still stuck around

  • caitlin

    This is a grrrrrreat move for jen! Can’t wait for her new disc..

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