Cher Hits The High Seas


At 63 (64 in just a couple of months), Cher is keepin’ herself very active. When she’s not workin’ on new films like her upcoming effort Burlesque, she’s sneakin’ out of medical centers trying to keep her face underwraps … but this week, she was spotted doing something a bit more fun. Cher has made her way to Hawaii to vacation with some friends and was spotted enjoying an afternoon of paddle-boarding … behold:

She once famously sang about turning back time. But a few weeks short of her 64th birthday, and it seems not even Cher can prevent the passage of years from taking their toll. Abandoning her trademark glamorous outfits for a skin-tight wetsuit and day-glo orange vest, the singer looked dishevelled as she tackled the surf while learning to paddleboard with friends in Hawaii. She confessed to having a facelift, as well as procedures to improve her teeth and breasts, and has even described herself as a ‘plastic surgery poster girl’. The singer says she felt pressure to look youthful in the highly competitive pop industry. She has said: ‘Everyone says I am terrified of getting old, but the truth is that in my job becoming old and becoming extinct are one and the same thing.’

PshawCher looks fine. Whether or not she’s had cosmetic help, she looks fantastic … that she’s enjoying a holiday with friends on a paddle-board is fantastic. Cher will outlive us all … it’s almost a certainty. I’m just happy to see her so active. Do your thing, Cher … I just hope I have your energy at 63 (going on 64)!

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    OMG! I’m sorry but wow… I mean, no one hardly ever looks good wet but her face just looks…whoa. Plastic surgery doesn’t do anyone favors.

  • J

    Cher looks good for a 60+ year old and if she’s wet looking so, then so be it.
    Cher looks like a victim of plastic surgery without looking like a victim. That may confuse the heck outta you – but its true. I mean, we all know she has had it done. But show a picture of her to a young kid who doesn’t know who Cher is – and i would safely bet that they would say she would be in her 40s, EARLY 40s. —
    She doesn’t have that plastic face like Joan Rivers or that OBVIOUS face like Madonna. Whoever her surgeon is, he/she does their job very well thats for sure cause its not that noticeable but only to those who know who she is.

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  • becky

    Trent your so nice… I have so much respect for you

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  • prisle

    Cher is FABULOUS! Who T F cares! Amazing…always!

  • Edzo

    Atta girl!!

  • F

    Totally agree Trent. She IS 63, and people should leave her alone about her looks. Who gives a shit what Cher looks like anyway???

  • bayleesgram98

    Cher is a “Star”. That is a fact. She will always do her best. She really looks like a real person, not a plastic manakin.

  • rebar

    We love our Cher! Even lookin like a drowned rat she still manages to look better than these bitches who are half her age or less..Lindsay Lohan you should look so good now!

  • robin

    she’s scary lookin! i’d respect her more if she looked like a regular 63 year old and not one that had skin stapled back in weird places…why can’t people just accept their mortality and not fight it and turn themselves into weirdos!

  • jen

    I was in the water with Cher that day. She is petite and feminine, grounded, tenatious and strong. Gorgeous. Cool. Hope I look like her when I’m 50. She rules. Anybody who says she’s “scary” looking is an ignorant pussy.


    FUCK YEAH CHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!