The ‘Jersey Shore’ Becomes ‘Miami Beach’


Last week we learned that the cast of Jersey Shore found out for sure that they will be relocating to Miami, Florida to film the next season of their show and today we get our first look at their new pad. While the gang were forced to live in a tacking-looking shack last season on the Jersey Shore, this time around they’ll be staying in a place that’s a bit more posh. The MTV crew was spotted moving equipment into the Metropole Hotel Apartments and the cast members are expected to start showing up in Mimi this week:

The JS cast have been saying their goodbyes on Twitter already because once they start filming the show, they are contractually barred from interacting on any social media. Here’s a sampling of the tweet-byes from the cast:

Sn00ki: My last tweeting tonight ! Then Second season bitches, much love to all the fans, support and the tik tok haaatas! :) xox / Off to do some serious business !!! Thank you everybody for all the love and support!! See yous soooonnnnn :) xoxo

DJPaulyD: Winding Down To The Last Tweets People ,,,, Appreciate All The Love Fans Couldnt Do it Without U !! Keep It Up and Thankyou !!! / Going To Do What I Do ,, Make History !!! Wish Me Luck , And Keep Showing Your Love And Support !!! See U Soon !!! Love DJ Pauly D

ItsTheSituation: your boy SiTcH rollin into South shredded for all the haters – get ur GTL game up or ur on GRENADE PATROL / one of my last tweets – LUv my fans friends n family – THank u for all support – SItuation NAtion – The LEgend WILL Deliver -JERSEY 2-Epic

Brace yourselves, Miami … they are on their way. I’m hearing that they might be showing up today … but I’m certain they’ll be there this week. Now you Floridians know where NOT to be for the next few months ;)

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    The move kind of jumps the shark for me. They really should have stayed in Jersey!

  • nicole

    i can only imagine what kind of trouble these guys will find in Miami.

  • Darcy

    They’re going a week too late! They should have totally been there for WMC – would have made for great tv

  • Manda

    NOW they are cut off from the media? They should have been cut off two months ago. It would have worked better if the group hadn’t seen each other so much before the new show…and if we hadn’t seen them so much.

  • Shelly

    I agree Mr. Gyllenhaal. Especially since they are going to continue to call the show “Jersey Shore” when it’s no longer being filmed there and none of the cast members are from the Jersey Shore.

    Their tweets make it seem like they’re leaving for a deserted island with no contact with the human race for like 3 months. Jokers…

  • Dana

    See ya later, ya mooks… don’t let the Twitter door hit ya on the ass on the way out. :)

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  • jo

    i live in miami and i’m so staying away from the beach for the next few months…. really, why the hell are they here? its called jersey shore. miami already has enough drama as it is, why are they here????? go back to jersey. jersey residents must be soooooooo happy! sorry, i know i sound like a total hater but miami is too classy for them. trent, you’re welcomed anytime though!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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