Madonna Explains The Inspiration Behind Her New Material Girl Clothing Line


Earlier this month we learned that Madonna is launching a clothing line for juniors aptly called Material Girl and today we get to read a new interview with her Madgesty wherein she talks about the new line in some detail. It is also being reported today that Material Girl will be available exclusively from Macy’s department store in August. Here is a new promo photo of Maddy along with some deets about the clothing line from the lady herself:

When Madonna needed inspiration for her latest fashion collection, she didn’t have to look far. The pop icon teamed up with her 13-year-old daughter Lourdes to create Material Girl, an affordable juniors’ clothing line that debuts at Macy’s this fall. This is not Madonna’s first foray into designing. In 2007, she teamed up with H&M to create a limited edition collection, M by Madonna. This time around, her venture into fashion will be long-lasting: She has launched a new company called MG ICON which, in addition to producing the juniors’ line, will also put out other collections including eyewear. The Material Girl collection includes jeans, shoes, fingerless gloves, necklaces and other accessories. Many of the pieces are inspired by Madonna and her daughter’s dance roots. Madonna recently spoke about Material Girl, her relationship with Lourdes (nicknamed Lola) and her fashion risks and regrets.

Why did you want to do a juniors’ line?
Madonna: Lola has been bothering me for ages about designing clothes. Stella McCartney is a good friend of mine and she got her mind thinking when Lola was a little girl, about 8 years old. She started giving Lola fabrics and inviting her into her showroom and asking her opinion on things, giving her sketch books and stuff like that. Stella always pushed her. I have a lot of friends who are clothing designers whether it is Gaultier or Dolce and Gabbana. (Lola) has been around all of the shoots I have done and all of the campaigns I have done. She is always hanging out backstage. The last two tours I have done, she has been working in the wardrobe department. On this last tour she dressed all of the dancers.

What has Lola taught you about fashion?
Madonna: I am boring basically. She reminds me of me when I was younger. She just goes for it and tries different things. It doesn’t look like she thought too much about it. That is how I used to be, but after years and years of everybody commenting on the way I look and dress and being photographed, one starts to become self-conscious and starts to plan things more. You end up judging yourself more, what looks good and what doesn’t.

What has it been like to work with your daughter?
Madonna: It is good because she does have good taste in fashion. I respect her taste and I rarely disagree with her.

Was part of you hesitant about Lola designing this line as she would be thrust into the spotlight?
Madonna: That is why I am here talking about the line and she is not. Eventually I will let her. I feel like she needs to get into high school and focus on her studies, her lessons. She got into the high school of the performing arts. She has a lot of work to do. I don’t want her to be distracted. She will eventually be able to talk about it. I am going to be happy when she does because she can speak much more clearly in and in a more informed way than I can about a line she is ultimately designing. I just stand in the background and go, “That’s cool. That’s not cool.”

Madonna’s interview about the Material Girl clothing line for Macy’s continues after the jump …

The clothing is affordable. Why was it important to you to keep the price low?
Madonna: When I was 13 years old, I couldn’t afford designer clothes. I couldn’t afford expensive clothing. When I designed a line of clothes for H&M, that was one of the things I liked so much about it, that it was really affordable. I think that is one of the nice things about it, that you can make nice clothes at affordable prices.

You are known as being a fashion risk taker. Do you ever look back and wonder, “What was I thinking?”
Madonna: Yeah. I would rather not point them out. I think I had a lot of bad hair moments. In the early 80’s just sometimes I wore purple lipstick or green lipstick. Clothing-wise, I am happy about the way I dressed.

With your music career and with the girls’ school you are building in Malawi, was part of you hesitant about taking on another project with this clothing line?
Madonna: If Lola wasn’t so completely involved in the line, designing, consulting, whatever you want to call it, I wouldn’t do it. Really she does most of the work, honestly.

Who are Lola’s fashion influences?
Madonna: Lola spent most of her childhood growing up in England. According to her, she thinks people have more style in London, especially the boys. French boys in particular have very good style, according to Lola. I think she has been very influenced by European fashion. She is very influenced by the music she listens to, different bands she is in to. She has favorite models. She takes all kinds of dance classes. She is inspired by different items people wear as dancers whether it is a hip-hop class or a jazz class or ballet class. … Of course she is inspired by my closet. My Christian Dior shoes will go missing and then some fabulous bag I won’t be able to find or my skinny jeans, the only pair that fit me are gone.

Has working on this clothing line together bonded you in a different way?
Madonna: I see her more as a creative person, as an artist and less as my daughter as we are working, and then every once and a while I remembered she is my daughter.

Wow … I really had no idea that Lourdes Maria was so involved in this new line. If we take Madonna at her word, then this line is actually the fruit of Lola’s work … not her mother’s. It is INSANE to me that the baby that Madonna had not that long ago is a fully functioning young adult working on the launch of a clothing line. I think the success of this line could very well come from Lola’s younger, hipper perspective. I’m super curious to see what these new designs look like … but good or bad, it’s clear that Lola’s career in Fashion (should she choose to have one as she matures) is off to a FANTASTIC start. What do y’all think about this … does this sound cool or mebbe notsomuch?


  • karen

    She’s only 13! Several years from being a “young adult”!

    Madonna has her work cut out for her if she thinks Lourdes is going to focus on high school while also doing this fashion thing. I’m not saying Lourdes shouldn’t do the fashion line, just that it’s hard enough for high school students to focus on their studies without having a whole fashion line on the side!

    It’s been cool watching Lourdes grow from a baby to a young teenager and I think she’s beautiful. With Madonna as her mom, she was never going to have a conventional life. Maybe if she gets into doing real work (in her fashion line), it will be easier for her to avoid all the traps other young celebs fall into.

  • Tim

    This is the definition of nepotism.

  • hailey

    child labour?

  • Jenn

    you know, I think she can handle it. There are several 13 year olds who are mature enough to do such a thing. Plus, she’s not exactly sewing the clothes herself. Furthermore, Lourdes isn’t your typical 13 year old and let’s face it- she does have a pretty damn good fashion sense.

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  • mimi

    lourdes is right – french men DO dress better. its unbelievable how well put together so many of them are.

    i think madonna has the right balance of letting her daughter be creative and involved, but not so much that it takes over her life. she has the benefit of having the connections in the fashion world so they could probably organise it all so it doesnt clash with her schooling. its good for teens to have a passion and something to strive for, keeps them out of trouble ;)

  • patches

    I think this is going to be fabulous!!! People like to criticize Madonna cause she is Madonna and some people like to put her down for no reason. But she is an amazing mother and has raised her children so well! They have been subjected to so much culture and arts since birth. Madonna has balanced her career and raising her children perfectly. Her kids aren’t raised like most kids, they have lived a life most can only dream of and they have been taught good values and respect for everyone. I think Lola will do an amazing job despite her age. And it will do well because its going to be good, of course having Madonna as your mom will help but it will also make Lola work harder to prove herself. She’s very lucky to have such opportunity!

  • Kate DuBois

    I agree with Jenn that some children are more mature and can handle projects and activities that might not happen until a later age. Hopefully that’s the case with Lourdes. The arts and especially clothing design can be infused with all aspects of traditional education including math, reading a pattern, writing about and sketching designs in a journal, history of costume design, and so many other lessons. It’s all in how it’s presented and managed.

    It’s a far cry from child labor in past generations, which I was reminded of in an excellent book I’m reading Her Mother’s Hope by Francine Rivers. (Actually a perfect title for Madonna too).

  • Tímea from Hungary

    Well , Lola is inspired by a lot of things around her, her whole life is an inspiration, with the difference she does not have to struggle so much, like her mother did, so she might not be so “original” in a sense, but just like other teenagers who have the possibility to live well , she can make the most out of it , we will see ,what happens.There will never be another like Madonna, so she is the real inspiration in LOla’s life, but it is ok and she is really open as her mother said to all styles around her, dancers do it the best:)))