‘Glee’s Mark Salling Does ‘Flaunt’ Magazine


Okay, Gleeks, this one’s for you … Mark Salling, who plays the mohawked Noah Puck Puckerman on the hit Fox TV series Glee, is featured in the new issue of Flaunt magazine … and he is lookin’ good, y’all. While I cannot get on board with the silly mohawk (which he *must* wear for the role), I can deffo get on board with the rest of him … behold:

Mark Salling has it all. As Noah “Puck” Puckerman, on the biggest hit TV show of the year, Glee, Salling gets to play the mohawked bad boy star quarterback, as well as the sensitive music lover. The show is beloved – Salling now answers fan mail from tweens and mothers from all over the world – and his storyline keeps getting more complex, affording him the ability to show off his emotional range. We’re psyched to see how it all plays out for Puck, and even more for Salling, whose timbre and stock both continue to rise.

Yes, please! But while this pic is hot, there’s another that you’re gonna wanna check out. Trust me …

Wet and nearly shirtless … hot! We are just WEEKS away from the return of Glee … I can barely stand it. But, in all honesty, if having to wait for the return of Glee means that we’ll have to endure more promo photos like this in the meantime … well … I wouldn’t mind waiting a bit longer ;)


  • nicole

    oh yummy :) – now this is how you start a good day!

  • Margie

    I just made the sounds Homer does when he thinks, or tastes, a donut.


  • Brady james

    dayyyuuuummmmmm he looks friggin yummy!!!! glee may have to be my new favorite show

  • Paul From Toronto

    Love the first pic.. Dunno why?? but the whole suit and no socks thing.. is HAWT.. does that make me weird.. ya i guess it does..Poo.. ha ha ha

  • truthyisalways

    this dude totally does it for me.

  • Shawn

    @Paul From Toronto..I’m right there with you regarding the suit and no socks thing…totally HOT! I’m a sucker for guys with mohawks too

  • Paul From Toronto

    @Shawn – Same! Hawt! Hope there are more pics or outakes to come..

  • Angie

    Yes! A shirtless Mark is a good thing.

  • T Dot


  • UnderTheDark

    He reminds me so much of that actor who played Ares on XENA… he died in a mountain climbing accident, so sad :( But he had an amazing range for such a one-note character, and I can say the same for Mark!