Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift Are Creepin’ Once Again


Well, well now … just friends? It would seem that “just friends” Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift are back to their creepin’ ways these days. Despite the fact that Taylor2 reportedly broke up in late December, it would appear that the couple have remained really good friends … friends who like to lunch together … behold:

There have been some talk that lady Taylor has been creepin’ around with Glee’s Corey Monteith but because she hooked up with manly Taylor for lunch at The Farm in Beverly Hills, CA this week I tend to think lady Taylor actually playin’ the field. Get it, girl!! There are a lot of hot mens for you to play with … why saddle yourself with one beefcake when you can enjoy a few? I suppose it’s possible that these Taylors are merely friends … but I don’t really buy it. Do you?

[Photo credit: GinsburgSpaly]