Betty White To Star In Her Own TV Series


Whoa! Just when you thought the news about Betty White hosting the May 8th ep of Saturday Night Live was the best ever … today we learn even BETTER NEWS!! TV Land has just announced that our golden Betty will star in her own TV series for the network titled Hot In Cleveland! Here is the just released first promo pic and press release announcement:

TV Land announced today that it has signed Emmy® Award-winning and audience-adored actress Betty White to star in the highly-anticipated TV Land PRIME Original sitcom “Hot in Cleveland” scheduled to premiere in June. Betty White will take on the role of the snarky but lovable Elka Ostrovsky, property caretaker of the home that co-stars – Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick – rent after their plane makes an emergency landing in Cleveland and they decide to stay. “Hot in Cleveland” is written by Emmy® Award-winning Suzanne Martin (“Frasier,” “Ellen”) and is produced by Emmy® Award-winner Sean Hayes (“Will & Grace”) and Todd Milliner of Hazy Mills Productions. “Hot in Cleveland,” a TV Land PRIME original production has been picked up for ten episodes and is the network’s first venture into scripted comedy series.

“The talented Betty White is the finishing touch to this outstanding sitcom ensemble,” states Larry W. Jones, president, TV Land. “Betty’s illustrious career spans more than 60 years and makes her one of Hollywood’s most iconic and sought after actresses in television today. Her lively role as Elka in “Hot in Cleveland” is what viewers love to see from her – an amazing sense of timing and fantastic comedy genius. We are confident audiences will love her in this project, TV Land’s first foray into scripted television.”

“Hot in Cleveland” revolves around three fabulous, LA women of a certain age and best friends (Bertinelli, Leeves and Malick). Their lives are changed forever when their plane – headed for Paris – unexpectedly lands in Cleveland and they soon rediscover themselves in this new “promised land.” Loving their new home, the women find themselves living under one roof and battling the sassy caretaker of the property they have rented, played by Betty White.

Wee!! This is such fantastic news!! How amazing will it be to have Betty White back on TV again?! I gotta say … this Hot In Cleveland show, which is revolves around “LA women of a certain again and best friends”, sounds a bit like Golden Girls: The Next Generation. If this new show is even remotely as entertaining as GG was then I am SOLD! This is very exciting news … I can’t wait to see this show!! What do y’all think … are you dying or what?


  • SuziLee

    OMG how exciting for Betty White!! To be her age & have such a hot career is amazing!!!!!! It couldn’t happen to a better “Golden Girl”!!

  • Kendra

    I love Wendy Malick! This sounds like it could be total cheeseball, but I don’t see Betty White attaching herself to anything that isn’t great so..We’ll see!

  • Kat

    I love Betty! Just hope a regular gig doesn’t tire her out too much…

  • truthyisalways

    OMG Amazing! I LOVE all these women, LOVE them! So excited!!!

  • Tasha

    Not only am I beyond excited, I had to read it twice to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating the good news. Mainly because every now and then, I dream that I am watching a lost episode of Golden Girls never before seen, lol. This is almost as good as that!

  • heather

    YAY! Finally something to look forward to on T.V. :)

  • roxster

    AWESOME! I had the same thought Trent, its like GG all over again except instead of the weird chef they had from the pilot they’ve got a property manager. Can’t wait!

  • m

    Considering she did her first show “The Betty White Show’ in the 1950s – this really is remarkable –

  • Robert

    OMG!!! BEST. NEWS. EVER!!!

    Trent – please post updates as you get them!!! :)

  • Manda

    Man, 88 years old and her career is on FIRE!! Love her.

  • 3rd Grandma Rides Again!
    I been waitin’ on this announcement for 2 months… can’t wait to see this show. The fact that her character is simply described as a “sassy caretaker” just kills me. Love it! And I love Valerie Bertinelli too, two of my favourite ladies on the same show. LOVE IT!!

  • brentbent

    I wonder if Drew Carey will make a cameo appearance?

  • whotheheckami

    Cleveland, the “new promise land” ??? This has to be a comedy for sure. HAHA :)

  • IMHO

    I wish it was on a major network! I always forget about the shows that are on the odd channels. There are so many now, after I hit 49 I usually stop. I think TVland here is in the upper 100’s…

  • Sally

    Have loved Betty for over 40 years. Now if they would recognize the unique talents of Rue McClanahan(Blanche on GG) with some guest spots, it would be perfect!

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