Lynne Spears Leaves Los Angeles


In January, mama Lynne Spears made her grand arrival in LA to spend a bit of time with her eldest daughter Britney Spears and her young grandchildren Sean Preston and Jayden James. While Lynne was in LA for many weeks, we didn’t really see her out about all that much. At the start of this month, Lynne did step out for a night on the town with Britney and the boys as the fam enjoyed a night at the movies together but that was pretty much it. I understand Britney and Lynne did some something together last week but … it would seem Lynne’s time in LA has come to an end. Yesterday, Lynne was spotted making her arrival at LAX Airport presumably on her way back home to Kentwood, LA:

While I’m sure Lynne enjoyed her time here in SoCal with her eldest grandbabies, I bet she’s anxious to get back to Louisiana to tend to her other daughter and her other grandbaby. I’m sure we’ll be seeing Lynne around these here parts again soon. Y’all come back now, ya hear?

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Megan

    Shes lookin really cute! But i’m sure jaime and daughter will be happy to have her back

  • LL

    who do you mean by jamie? the dad? they’re divorced…

  • NB

    guess she means brit’s sis and her lil daughter