‘Jersey Shore’ Will Be Broadcast In Italy


Despite causing a bit of controversy here in the US when it debuted on MTV late last year, Jersey Shore has been picked up by MTV Italia for broadcast in Italy. The move it seen as a smart one on MTV Italia’s part because the derogatory term “guido” is, apparently, much-used in Italy so a show about a group of self-absorbed, self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes is likely to play well with the audience there … at least, that is the hope of the network. Here are the deets of Jersey Shore’s move to the motherland:

Despite being deemed as the false portrayal of Italian American, “Jersey Shore” will be exposed to Italian youngsters later this month. Variety reported that MTV Italia has purchased the right to broadcast the first season of the reality show that follows so-called guidos and guidettes living under one roof. MTV Italia will start airing the show on Monday, March 22 at 10/9c. And given that MTV is aired on free TV in Italy, “Jersey Shore” could actually absorb huge rating from the 20 million plus households. Also, less or little opposition from advocacy groups are expected since the term “guido” is commonly used in the country. Although MTV defended that Snooki, The Situation, J-Woww, Sammie and the others are the “most famous Italoamericans in the world”, a leading daily newspaper in Italy thought otherwise. Corriere della Sera noted “as if the boors on ‘Big Brother’ weren’t enough, now we are importing a reality show that even boosts our country’s bad name.” In the U.S, “Jersey Shore” is often in the middle of controversy. New Jersey Italian and Italian American Heritage Commission sent a letter to Viacom, MTV’s parent company, asking them to cancel the show for its “offensive, inaccurate” portrayal of Italian-Americans. Nevertheless, MTV renewed it for season 2 because the first one concluded with 4 million viewers. The second season allegedly will be relocated to Miami, possibly Mynt Beach. The cast are expected to arrive in the new home and start shooting on March 20.

I’m of the mind that Jersey Shore may do well on Italian TV NOT because of the guido connection but because it will give Italians a PERFECT reason to laugh their asses off at American morons. I highly doubt anyone in Italy will identify with the cast of Jersey Shore … especially since many of the castmembers are NOT Italian at all. It remains to be seen how this show will be received in Italy but I’m dying to find out. Will Italians love it or loathe it? Stay tuned.


  • N

    Because that won’t make them think badly of Americans. Good job MTV.

  • Laura

    We’re getting it on MTV UK & Ireland too. Great.

  • kk

    these people are a “special” brand of american-italians, and i guarantee my relatives back in italy will have no idea what the hell they are going on about with all their g-t-l crap

  • MJT

    America has nothing to ashamed of. Trust me. I have lived here in Napoli for the last two years and the only thing the folks on the Jersey Shore are missing from the “Real Italians” are Speedo’s and a chain smoking habit. Of course the “real Italians” live at home with their parents until they are 40, so in that sense the idea of young Italians living on their own is totally unrealistic, and will have the Italians shaking their heads.

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    They should tape the next season in the slums of Naples or Rome or Milan or anywhere in the boot of Italy.Just stay away from South Beach,Fl.

  • jo

    MJT come to Milan or any other city in northern italy and you’ll see that the situation here is quite different from what you see in Naples.
    the guys of the ‘Jersey Shore’ have NOTHING in common with italian guys! they don’t represent us at all!
    Oh, and that terms ‘guido’ and ‘guidette’…nobody uses that in Italy, in fact i didn’t even know what that meant at first!

  • nella

    i agree with jo! i have no idea what guido and guidette means in the jersey shore series…i mean, Guido is actually a (not so) common italian NAME but that’s pretty much it…no second meanings or anything!

    i honestly don’t like the series (which i haven’t even seen a single episode but heard of so much lately because it seems to be the “hot thing” nowadays in the states) nor i like those bunch of self-proclaimed italians full of muscles and with way too much tanning products on them!!!! and they’re not even italian? wtf?

    italian guys have their faults but please don’t associate them with the jersey shore guys…bleah!

  • bosie


  • Gabby

    My cousins will have legit NO idea what they’re talking about. NO ONE in Italy knows what “a guido” is. It’s a name (it was my late grandfather’s actually), and it also means “I drive.” Yeah, so I guarantee everyone in Italy will laugh that these people even call themselves a fraction of “Italian” and then laugh at them for being stupid Americans. They probably won’t be offended. Italian’s are too easy going.
    A really good idea would be to have REAL ITALIAN people documented partying IN ITALY (preferably the north). And everyone in America could see how different it really is.
    But I’m glad that you realize how ridiculous this is and have acknowledged that the only 100% Italian in the group is Vinny.

  • archie

    none of the Italians I know in London will like this show – they will be horrified by it.

    Euro italians are not at all like the yank variety. I have never understood why as soon as Italians go to the US they become the most vulgar people on earth.