Mario Lopez Is Having A Baby


Congratulations are in order for actor and TV host Mario Lopez and his Broadway star ladyfriend Corutney Mazza who have announced that they are expecting a child together! Lopez, a long time playboy, is going to be a dad, y’all … and while I would bet very good money that this pregnancy was unplanned, I’m certain that he and Mazza will be great parents. I’m not sure what I’m basing that belief on, exactly, but there you go. Here are deets and the official statement from Lopez about this happy news:

There’s baby news at “Extra!” Host Mario Lopez is going to be a dad. Mario and girlfriend Courtney Mazza made the exciting announcement today. “Courtney and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve waited my whole life to be a dad, this is a true blessing. I am looking forward to sharing this experience with my family and my family at Extra.” The two met in 2008 while working on Broadway in the show “A Chorus Line.”

Well, at least the dad-to-be has got the right attitude about this new phase of his life! Let’s send all our congrats and warm-wishes to the happy couple. Like Matthew McConaughey before him (who was a NOTORIOUS playboy before he became a father), perhaps this new child will help Mario Lopez find a new purpose in life … as a daddy :)


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Congrats…I am suprised it is with a girl.

  • CB

    Aw! Congrats to Mario and that chick. May his progeny be as hot as he. =D

  • Kendra

    That baby is going to be ridiculously cute!

  • nicole

    congrats to them :), another super cute baby on the way.


    Has this dude aged at all? Seriously. A little ridiculous.

  • babybunny

    Sigh.. Mario.. so gorgeous! Hope he spawns a mini me. :)

  • Tim

    18 years!!She got one of yo’ kids,Got you for 18 years.

  • Aidan

    He mated with a biological female? Interesting.

  • WhereHaveYouBeen

    I’m surprised at a couple of the remarks made about Mario, it looks like a few of you weren’t aware that he was hetero. Hope this doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, but Mario Lopez is one of the very few ‘pretty boys’ in Hollywood who is actually hetero.

    Prior to Mario being with Courtney Mazza, – whom he’s been with since 2008, btw – he was with several other women, and at one time he was married to Ali Landry. Nothing at all is wrong with a guy not being hetero, but it’s nice that at least one super-cute guy in Hollywood is straight. Straight women like having super-hot guys to drool over too ya know!

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  • WTF

    I thought that Mario is gay.


  • Sirrix

    @wherehaveyoubeen: ummm… Where have *you* been? why do you think this guy hasn’t spent more than a year or two with any woman? Zero commitment for 15+ years while dating mediocre-looking women like this = beard. Mario Lopez is as gay as they come-I just hope he realizes it before he ruins this kid’s life.