Watch: The Full Length Calvin Klein Underwear Video Ad

You wanna see some MORE ****?

Last month we got a sneak peek at a teaser video clip of the new 2010 Calvin Klein Underwear commercial — featuring hotties Mechad Brooks, Kellan Lutz, Hidetoshi Nakata and Fernando Verdasco — proudly showing off their ****. Today, we get to check out the FULL LENGTH video that shows a lot more of the guys teasing more of their **** … behold:

While the first clip was only 14 seconds long, this LONGER clip is more than double in length … coming in at 49 seconds long. Yes, size does matter in this instance … longer is deffo better. Check out this Calvin Klein Underwear commercial in full after the jump …

YEEEEEAH … I’m a fan of this CK Underwear ad campaign … and I am happy to see the FULL LENGTH anything these chaps have to offer. I can’t wait to see more … can you?


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  1. I just slid off my chair into a pool of wanton lust. *glug*

  2. Lulu

    uuhhh… that was kinda strange.

  3. love

    i wanna mark their spot ;)

  4. ERIKA

    gonna watch it again but I think this time I may close the door to my office…HAWT HAWT HAWT!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Heather B.

    I counted 4 “lengths” and 4 “longs”. How the hell do I “Like” this damn post or ALL of the ones like it? Consider this my vote for MORE.

  6. Bruce

    Wow…just wow. So hot.

  7. robin

    uhhh…that was kind of off putting..not a fan of cocky douches…they may be hot but they should stick to not talking..

  8. Dang, I don’t know why but hearing Kellen Lutz swear in his underwear just made me reaaaallly excited.

  9. Eboney

    Ummmm……this is all kinds of awesome. Anytime, anyplace gentlemen. *swoon*

  10. Commentary


  11. northm

    omg.. kellan.. you still looked sweet even when you are swearing

  12. Lionel

    Humble men turn me on. Not cocky men who think they are all that. Normally I like Verdasco. Too bad he acts like a jerk in this.

  13. tatiana

    That was beyond awesome. I”m actually speechless. lol *REWIND*!

  14. Shana

    it was dirty, and trashy, and absolutely perfect! sometimes it’s nice to hear a man talk dirty, no?

  15. vic

    very hot! I wouldn’t mind seeing Kellan Lutz’s full length somethin’ somethin’ either..

  16. jadedsweetie

    mechad brooks. yum.

  17. Alex

    Meh… I’m a marketer and I’m not sure I get this campaign… I mean, what’s with all the unnecessary swearing? is it supposed to be “cool”? I don’t understand who they’re trying to reach with this… straight cocky guys who think swearing is cool wouldn’t be attracted to a bunch of shirtless men… and gay guys probably see a bunch of unattractive cocky queens in these guys… so…. yeah. I don’t get it.

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