Kirsten Dunst Does ‘V’ Magazine

Glamour Girl

Kirsten Dunst is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of V magazine lookin’ all kinds of old skool Hollywood glam. Ki Ki is lookin’ very much like silver screen starlet a la Jean Harlow or Marlene Dietrich in this beautiful new photospread shot by famed fashion photographer Mario Testino. Here is our first look at Kirsten‘s V magazine coverphoto and a bit of a tease of her coverstory article:

THE ART OF BEING KIRSTEN DUNST” Hollywood’s bored and beautiful blonde has become an icon for a generation, but this year it’s all about reinvention. Art muse, rising director, even serious dramatic actress—you can be anything when you’re Kirsten Dunst. Inside V MAGAZINE (issue #64) Dunst discusses her unique friendships with both the Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte and Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami as well as her upcoming long-awaited film All Good Things. V64 hit newsstands today.

Kirsten‘s V article is not online just yet but after the jump, you can see a batch of absolutely beautiful photos from her V photospread. I’m not kidding, IMHO these photos are among the most beautiful of Kirsten Dunst ever published — check ‘em out after the jump …

Okay … I don’t *love* the one of her smiling but the rest of the photos are stunning. She really does have that Hollywood glam look going on. I understand that Gwyneth Paltrow has signed on to play Marlene Dietrich in an upcoming biopic on her life … I say, Kirsten Dunst looks more the part. What do y’all think of these photos? Do we like?

[Photo credit: Mario Testino; Source]

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  1. Jordan

    These are stunning. I always thought Kirsten Dunst was cute, at best, but these photos really bring out a more glamorous side of her. Beautiful.

  2. Tracy

    She is adorable and I want her to be in more films!

  3. Juneh

    These are beautiful, though I’m not sure about the eyebrows, a bit scary.

  4. Duckie

    She kinda looks like a vampire on the cover picture :s

  5. Illise

    she is beautifull but i have always thinked that her eyes are lifeless just like the kirsten stewart

  6. Darcy

    While Kirsten may look more the part, I don’t feel like she’s got the acting chops for the part. Love her, but she’s better off doing cutesy. IMO Gwen has a better range than Kirsten.

  7. Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I actually really like them!! She looks great!!

  8. hkgirl

    she looks so sad in all of them. but just gorgeous.

  9. Ali

    Gwyneth as Marlene – UGH. I have to admit that Margot Tennenbaum is one of my favorite movie characters ever and obviously Gwyneth did a good job but why not get Diane Kruger to play Marlene? Not only does she kind of look like her but she is also GERMAN. Thus I wouldn’t have to listen to some fake, atrocious German accent.

  10. Colette

    The eyebrows freak me out a little.

  11. Ana

    She has sad eyes…

  12. krissy

    Ali, you are BRILLIANT for recommending Diane Kruger. That would be the perfect fit. I think Kirsten looks great in these pictures. She has beautiful skin.

  13. CHASE

    I love Kirsten Dunst! I wish she would get her life together and start popping out movies!

  14. J

    She is one of only very few in Hollywood who do look like the old Classic era. Cate Blanchett is one too. I even believe scarlett johansson looks the part. Keira Knightly to name a few.

  15. Roadwork

    Gwenth playing Dietrich what does Madonna feel about this.
    Marlene Dietrich is Amazing!

  16. robin

    v cover artwork is always so awkward looking IMHO. i like the last 2 pictures tho.

  17. Stephanie

    Holy crap, girl looks beautiful! I am so impressed. I have been kinda sour on Dunst since Elizabethtown (everyone loves that movie, I effing HATE IT) but these pics have given me a new outlook! She looks soooooo good.

  18. Jason

    she is pretty…a little help from make-up and photoshop. Looks great when she isn’t staying up all nite partying

  19. Susie

    She is so yesterday. So over her. In fact, I was never really liked her in the first place. The only thing I enjoyed her in was Little Women, when she was young. I would NEVER go to a movie because Kirstin Dunst was in it, and I bet a lot of others feel the same way…hence why her star has been shrinking.

  20. Susie

    Wait a minute…I just read that they`re calling her “an ICON of a generation“?!?? Yeah right, nice try.

  21. Laure75

    Hate the eyebrows, make her look like an alien. Yuck! Otherwise she is lovely.

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