First Look: James Marsters On ‘Caprica’


Great news for fans of James Marsters, the amazing actor who played the vampire Spike on both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel … tomorrow night, he makes his debut on the SyFy series Caprica (which is a prequel series to the hugely successful series Battlestar Galactica). In addition to Marsters’s return to TV, he is also talking to interviewers about another vampire project that has taken the world by storm, namely Twilight, and he talks a bit about the possibility of returning to the role of Spike. Here are a few screencaps from James Marsters’s appearance on Caprica tomorrow night and some excerpts from his latest interview:

James Marsters, who played the bleached blond vampire Spike on Joss Whedon’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and its spinoff “Angel,” approves of the new breed of vampires that have taken over pop culture, especially the ones in Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” novels. “I like them man. They got my niece to read,” Marsters says on a conference call to promote his guest starring role on “Caprica.” “She wasn’t reading a lot, but she hit ‘Twilight’ and just ate them up and read them five, 10 times. Now she’s on to other vampire romances. She reads like a novel a day now. So, go Stephenie Meyer.” And although he acknowledges that Meyer’s vamps follow the successful formula that Anne Rice used, making the vampires less monstrous and more “ancient creatures with heart,” he says that was the opposite of how “Buffy” creator Whedon approached the fantastical beings. “He really wanted the vampires to be ugly when they were vampires and very quickly dead,” reveals Marsters. “He was talked into the character of Angel by David Greenwalt, his writing partner. He fought it. I don’t think he was too excited about it but he allowed David [Boreanaz] to do it, and the character just took off to the clouds. I think that he always remembered that he was only going to allow one Angel-like character on the show and that all the other vampires were going to remain in some way hideous.” Hideous or not, Marsters is more than willing to don the fangs again. “When Joss came to me and asked me about [reprising the role of Spike] right as ‘Angel’ was coming down, I told him, ‘I’ll follow you to hell, I’ll follow you to heaven. Just give me a call. I’ll do one line for you. I’ll do 10. Sure I’ll do Spike for you. Of course I’ll do Spike for you.'” The only problem is that there’s an expiration date for a Spike return: Seven years, give or take. “You have seven years because I’m aging, and Spike’s not supposed to [as a vampire],” points out Marsters. “I don’t want to do some lame line like, oh he’s been drinking pig’s blood right now so he’s aging slowly or some stupid thing like that. It’s now been seven years. When I look in the mirror I gotta say if I’m well rested, I look OK with the proper lighting. I don’t know. As the years go, I get more and more nervous about that. Let’s just do a screen test and see if we can light this character and say, ‘Look, I haven’t aged.’ If we could hold that, that would be cool.” Since playing Spike, Marsters has played a series of mean, menacing guys, including his character Barnabus Greely, a diehard revolutionary on “Caprica,” but he doesn’t mind being typecast. “I mean if I was playing Urkel, then I’d have a problem being typecast,” he says. “But when you’re typecast as the cool guy or the tough guy, or the potent character or the jerk who mixes things up, I think if you’re going to get typecast, that’s the one you’d want. I went in to audition for this ‘Moonshot’ [moon landing TV movie]. I love the Apollo program, I’m a science geek and stuff, so I was just so excited and would have taken any three roles, but the director’s like, ‘Oh no, I saw you in “Buffy” and I need you for Buzz Aldrin because he’s the rock star.’ “I’ve always been really thankful I got to play a character that got to wear so much makeup and bleach his hair and got to have a cool English accent.”

Yeah, I love this man SFM! He is truly an amazing actor. I LOVED him as Spike on BtVS and Angel and really loved him as Captain John Hart on Torchwood (the ex-lover of John Barrowman’s Captain Jack Harkness character). I have this strange thing about watching P.S. I Love You whenever it airs on cable … so it’s always nice to see him in that movie, too. I’ve not yet gotten into Caprica but if James Marsters becomes a main character, they’ll deffo get me as a new viewer. And speaking of — check out a preview clip of Marsters making his debut on Caprica in tomorrow night’s new ep along with a possibly spoilery description of the episode titled Know Thy Enemy

Rival industrialist Tomas Vergis arrives on Caprica demanding a meeting with Daniel, threatening to reveal proof that Daniel stole the chip that is key the U-87 Cylon, and Graystone’s military contract. Vergis whirls up a publicity storm that steals the heart of the Caprican public, and surprisingly serves up a friendly offer to Daniel that could save Graystone Industries. But there’s a catch to his proposal that could haunt Daniel for years to come. Clarice, panicked that off-world STO leadership has been backing a rogue named Barnabas, steps up her plans to acquire Zoe’s avatar program and may find her answer through befriending Amanda. Meanwhile, wanting to fulfill her own promise to Zoe, Lacy goes with Keon to meet the enigmatic Barnabas, opening herself up to a new world of danger. After the revelation that the avatar of his daughter Tamara is still lost in V-World, Joseph starts his quest to find her in a virtual world he knows nothing about.

Yeah, no idea … but James Marsters is in it and I’m watching! Woot!!! Any Caprica fans out there? Hollaback! Ain’t it awesome that our guy is back on TV?

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  • Whitney

    I haven’t watched Caprica either Trent, but like you, I will be watching for James! It is nice to hear he would reprise his roll of spike. So Joss, you heard the man, only 7 years left!

  • Matt

    I watch Caprica. It’s pretty good. Kind of a slow burn though. The acting is good and I like the inclusion of gay characters into the mix even if they are evil/bad. I also like hot men lying in bed with each other.

  • Illise

    My sis loves that guy i prefered angel lol

  • Kallisto

    Yes! my hubby and i really like that show and i’ll be thrilled to watch him again.

  • dm

    YES YES YES James back on tv!!!! Sweet!!! :D
    Caprica is a great show!

  • kev

    Yes! I am totally psyched to see James Marsters again. He is an incredible actor!

  • vic

    I am a HUGE BSG and Caprica fan! Caprica takes a more dramatic, character centric view on the world of Battlestar, it’s wonderfully cast but i’d recommend watching BSG first, to put everything into context :) Besides Damages BSG is my favourite show of all time!

  • I had the HUGEST crush on Spike. Glad to see him back on TV. Now off to check this Caprica show.

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