Dave Navarro Gets Nekkid For PETA


Dave Navarro has become the new celebrity spokesmodel for the Ink, Not Mink campaign orchestrated by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and today we get to see his new promo photo for the ad campaign along with video from a sit-down interview with PETA. Here is Dave’s nekkid promo photo for PETA and excerpts from his interview:

Dave Navarro rocks. Whether he’s touring with Jane’s Addiction, hosting his radio show Dark Matter, or posing nude for PETA, he does it with the style and intensity fitting of a rock star. Dave’s latest gig is helping animals by baring it all in an ad for PETA’s “Ink, Not Mink” series. Helping animals has never looked so good! After learning about where fur comes from, this former fur-wearer vowed never to buy or wear fur again. Dave tells PETA in his exclusive interview, “[S]everal years ago, I saw video footage of animals being skinned alive and screaming, and it, it honestly is the most horrific, inhumane thing I’ve ever seen.” These animals are often still conscious as they have their pelts peeled off their writhing bodies and can be heard screaming in pain. Buying and wearing fur promotes an industry of cruelty and suffering. Dave explains, “[S]ome of the simple things you can do to help save animals is not buy fur, stay away from products that have been animal tested. It’s really very, very simple to just support something or buy something that doesn’t brutalize animals like this.”

As you may recall, Twilight star Kellan Lutz was recently unveiled as PETA’s newest spokesmodel for their Always Adopt, Never Buy campaign but Mr. Lutz did not have the decency to strip down for his promo photo. At least Dave here was kind enough to lose all of his clothes for his photo. After the jump, check out video of Dave’s PETA interview which features some behind-the-scenes footage of his photoshoot …

BE WARNED — the following video shows footage of animals being killed that may be DISCONCERTING for some viewers:

Kudos to Dave for stripping down for such a good cause. I’m not a fur fan at all … so hopefully the sight of Dave’s nekkid body will inspire others to go with ink rather than mink.



    Kellan wouldn’t even take his shirt off for charity on Ellen! But this is pretty cool. I wish more celebs were involved.

  • Lol

    That would be really hot if he lost the tats, nipple rings, and greasy hair.

  • Jessica

    He’s hot no matter what….

  • He’s such a cool dude…

  • Mariie

    Please don’t promote PeTA!!! They kill +/- 85% of the pets given to their shelter and do not want you to have pets in your home. For more info, read here: http://www.petakillsanimals.com/petasdirtysecret.cfm

    And Always, Always check http://www.guidestar.com for a nonprofit’s financials before you donate. KNOW where you lovingly given dollars go before you donate.


  • PixiesBassline

    Hell Yeah!!!! That’s a nice body to be getting a point across with! (although, since it nauseates me to see an animal suffer, I chose not to watch the vid).

    Why the fuck would they need to take an animal’s fur off while it’s still alive??? What the hell is WRONG with people?!?!?! *disgust*

  • Vince

    SO freakin’ HOT…
    would “entertain” him any day, any time….

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  • Trevor

    No sane person would work for or promote PETA. Peta is nothing more than a front for domestic terrorism. Degenerates!

  • Nick

    Omg you can see his PDA

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