‘Remember Me’ Premieres In NYC


Last Summer we saw may photos from the NYC set of the new film Remember Me (HERE, HERE and HERE) which stars Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson and Lost castmember Emilie de Ravin. Last night, the film held its NYC premiere at the Paris Theater in Manhattan, NY … here are a few photos from the red carpet arrivals:

Ah yes … you can see that Rob’s Twilight co-star and rumored secret paramour Kristen Stewart was in the hiz last night to lend some star power to the premiere event. And look at that … K. Stew even wore fancy gold pants and heeled shoes!! HMMM … I wonder if these two spent any time in close company together at last night’s event. Well, let’s find out — after the jump …

Nope! These two are smarter than that. They each left the Paris Theater separately so as not to draw any unwanted attention. You will note that Kristen ditched the fancy pants and shoes for a more comfortable pair of jeans and Converse All-Star sneakers. Nonetheless, the mere fact that Pattinson stars in the film and Stewart deigned to attend the premiere will ensure that a certain segment of the Twilight fanbase will spend their pennies to see this film. Are any of y’all interested in seeing Remember Me when it opens in theaters on March 12?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Janet

    I haven’t been particularly impressed with RPattz’s acting in anything I’ve seen him in (sorry, I’ve tried), but I am a sucker for his adorable face, so I’ll probably see Remember Me…

  • roxster

    those pants were atrocious, I was wondering why she even wore that outfit until the second pic. It definitely makes sense when you look at it as she needed to look “nice” (or her version of it) for the red carpet and then wanted to dress down as easily as possible for the actual viewing and just figured “oh I’ll keep the same top I’ve been wearing all day and just throw on these silly pants instead”


    Robert Pattinson is a terrible actor. The trailer for the movie looks good but he looks exactly the same as Edward and acts the same as Edward minus the pale skin and super gelled hair. It’s ridiculous. Although, I read the spoiler (which I wish I wouldn’t have) and I would literally see the movie for the ending. Seriously. The ending is so powerful and you wouldn’t expect it in a million years.

  • nicole

    i like him away from twilight, and after reading a couple spoilers for this movie..i reallllllllly wanna see it.

  • EmCee

    I had to do a double take…I didn’t even think that was K.Stew.
    She looks like she actually put (minimal) effort into her appearance and attitude. Shocking.

  • amanda

    yesss, i want to see it cause he’s freakin adorable.. and since some people said the spoilers make them want to see it, im even more excited.

  • Ama

    Apparently, Twilight can’t do any actor justice for their acting abilities. My friend watched Little Ashes(I haven’t seen it yet) But she said his acting in that movie was just amazing and that she was in complete awe with it(she really didn’t like him in Twilight, so she wasn’t just saying this because of who he played in it)

    So I’m sure he is a good actor, is just depends on his role, the movie itself and what he is given. This movie actually looked pretty interesting when I saw the trailer for it. While I am not really a Rob fan, I may go check out this movie. Hopefully he performs well in it.

  • Yeaaah I’ll see Remember Me :)

  • lucile

    i’ll watch it… the story is interesting… did they leave separately? because I saw a video of them walking to the car and leaving together… i think kristen’s hair is disgusting here! I guess she is still in her Joan Jett character…

  • annie

    Hold up! Did Robert actually brush his hair?! OMG

  • dave

    well yea! twilighters will most likely flock to the movie, cuz the eclipse trailer is being shown before it, according to Summit’s twitter. 8-)

  • MelMel

    Nah. Looks like the same lame-o recycled teenage romances that were hot back when I was a teenager simply becase they had hot young starlets in them. ‘Untamed Heart’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to name a couple. Meh.