Lindsay Lohan Shares ANOTHER Beverage With Photogs


Yesterday we saw photos of Lindsay Lohan sharing her Red Bull with the paparazzi in Milan, Italy and today we get to see her sharing her bottle of water with them. As L. Lo tried to make her way thru the airport on her way out of town, she clearly felt the photographers shooting her could use a sip of water to drink:

HMMM … could this be Lindsay’s new thing? Whenever she does something a few times in a row — like that stupid arm behind the head pose, or the finger in the mouth pose, or the blowing kisses to the camera pose — it becomes her “thing”. We’ll have to see just how generous she is with her beverages in the coming days but I think we may be witnessing a new Lindsay trend. Just think, you’ll be able to tell your grandkids where you were when …


  • Pixie

    I bet if that water bottle had any liquor in them she wouldn’t be throwing them at the paps.

    jeez i bet my ass would get detained by airport security if I threw a water bottle in the airport.

  • yousarocker

    This entire situation is wrong on so many levels. Lindsay is a celebrity – she is as dependent on the paps as they are on her. It is a sickening, symbiotic relationship. But hey, if she wants to stay “culturally relevant” then she’s gonna have to learn to deal with it. Now, with that being said, if you or I were to lob a bottle of water at someone in the fucking airport (?!?), we would be promptly ARRESTED.

  • Jordan

    This is disgusting. I was able to let the Red Bull incident slide, but what is this, like, her new thing or something? It’s so disrespectful and rude, and no one’s gonna take her seriously anymore. She might have turned her life around but she’s still acting like a snot nose little diva, throwing water bottles at whoever she feels like in a public airport. That’s so wrong.


    Britney used to do this! I remember she threw her drink, hamburgers, all kinds of stuff on photogs! Lindsay is copying her, it seems. Totally. Copying. Britney. Dang…!

  • tessa

    jesus, she looks like a witch casting a spell in the second photo…

  • anne

    I am sure the janitor who has to pick up her water from the floor isn’t amused

  • heather

    that was my first thought. who is cleaning up the things that she’s throwing?

  • Lynsey

    At what point do we just call it a career and stop talking about her?

    She hasn’t done anything relevant in YEARS…can’t we just move on already?

  • Val 2.0

    I bet the people that have to clean up after her want to punch her in the face. I know I do.

  • Ama

    Someones spoiled brat is showing. My guess is she thought it made her look ‘badass’ or ‘hardcore’. Tch, I know no one likes to hear this, but she really needs to grow up and start respecting those around her, if she ever wants to be taken seriously and shown respect.

  • krissy

    Trent, I think you have to give the comment win to Lynsey, “At what point do we just call it a career and stop talking about her?” Love it!

    I could do with out Lindsey posts for a little while. I feel like it only feeds her destructive and desperate behavior.

  • MC

    Who does Lindsay Lohan think she is? She should be happy the photographers still give a dam about her. It’s not like she any kind of career or anything else going on for her now. She is mostly known for being a complete mess now…

  • Nate

    Thank you for bringing up the “her thing” thing haha I’ve been noticing this for quote some time. Still love her though.

  • Kelly

    Oh, get off her back.

  • dq

    jeez, can someone tell this girl to stop littering.

  • Daisy

    Yes, Lyndsey, because acting out on the paparrazzi will make them stop following you.. This is exactly what they want to catch you doing – they could care less about getting a little wet.

  • CB

    You forgot her annoyingly ubiquitous “peace sign” pose. (Clearly, she no longer believes in peace – mental or otherwise.)

  • Meredith

    Someone needs to remind Ms. Lohan that if the pap stops photographing her, her career is over! So next time she’s making her way around her over-stuffed closet full of high priced designer duds, she should reflect on how she was able to afford them to begin with. LOL, sorry, could barely type that; Lisdsay “reflecting” on something………LOL PMP!

  • PixiesBassline

    She always looks like Axl Rose to me, when she wears those sunglasses…… I also thought about the person who was going to have to clean that mess up. Too bad they can’t grab her by the hair and make HER get on her knees and clean it up! She could make a photoshoot out of it. Heh.