Julie Benz Heats Things Up On ‘Desperate Housewives’


In early February we heard from Julie Benz herself about the on-screen romance she would be participating in on the ABC drama Desperate Housewives … as you may recall, Benz revealed that she would be sparking a love affair with Dana Delany’s character on the show. Last night, Benz and Delany got down to biz on DH and really heated things up on Wisteria Lane:

Desperate Housewives is set to have its first lesbian relationship. Katherine Mayfair is seduced by former stripper Robin Gallagher in the U.S. show’s new series. The scenes come after a dream sequence in which Katherine, played by actress Dana Delany, is left stunned when new housemate Robin strips off after spilling maple syrup on her bra. Robin, played by Julie Benz, wipes it off with her finger, after which Katherine steps forward and goes to unhook her bra. On this occasion the steamy scenes are simply a dream and Katherine wakes up with a start. But later in the episode the dreams become reality when the pair end up naked together in bed. Benz, who recently joined the show, said filming the scenes was fun. ‘Dana’s a great kisser,’ she said. ‘Joining the cast of Desperate Housewives has been nothing short of amazing. ‘The girls are all so fun to work with and have welcomed me with open arms. I’m so thrilled that there is such a buzz about my character’s relationship with Dana’s. ‘It’s really beautiful and was so fun to shoot.’

I have to admit, I did not watch last night’s ep but I’m SO thrilled that Julie Benz has been given such a prominent guest spot on Desperate Housewives. I’m not sure I believe her role will stand the test of time on the series but thus far, it’s been a pretty meaty role. After the jump, check out a few screencaps from last night’s ep featuring Benz and Delany gettin’ all cozy together — the caps may be spoilery if you’ve not yet watched the ep so be warned …

Julie Benz is the total hotness. While I doubt she’ll become a permanent castmember on the show, I’m happy that she’s there now to spice things up. Did any of y’all DH fans watch the ep last night? Do YOU approve of this hot new storyline?


  • Lisa

    BIG DH fan here! I didn’t watch Dexter so I don’ t know Julie Benz other than what is reported on here =P But so far I like her character and her storyline on the show! I approve!

  • jamie

    I am a big Desperate Housewives fan. Personally, I don’t buy the relationship with Katherine. Only b/c I have never any sort of chemistry in ANY of Katherine’s relationships and I don’t see it in her relationship with Julie either. But, @ least this is something different for the show.

  • Alexandra from belgium

    As far as i’m concerned, I love that such a big television show presents a lesbian relationship.
    But in this case, I wish they had built it longer… I have a feeling that this was too fast, we didn’t really see the two ladies get attached to each other…

  • anna

    DH has been featuring some reaaaallllllyyyyy boring stroylines the last few weeks. But I do Love J Benz on the show. She is uber UBER hot!!!!!! and her character is so nice! I think DH would be smart to keep her on. I think she adds a unique element.

  • Eliza

    I agree, DH has been very boring lately, but I like Benz on the show. I do watch Dexter (but haven’t seen season 4 yet!) and she looks so much hotter on DH. Looks like she’s been hitting the gym 24/7 and maybe a little implant action?
    Doubt she’ll be on long though, Katherine may kill her!

  • Ally

    I’m perfectly fine with the show establishing a lesbian relationship (frankly I wish they would spend more time with the lovely Bob and Lee!), but this one just seems so rushed into. I mean, Katherine JUST got out of a mental institution after being upset over not marrying a guy… It just feels way too out of left field.

    Also, Julie was picked up for a pilot, so her DH stay probably isn’t much longer.

  • Kelly

    Typical ‘crazy’ female turns lesbian storyline … the only thing left is for them to turn into lesbian vampires or serial killers. Yawn. I want to see proper lesbian relationsips on tv, not the gay being used to lift ratings.

  • Hema

    You want my honest opinion? I only think that tv shows and movies are including homosexual scenes these days to make $$$. Maybe some might be noble enough to want to show that they support homosexuality but at the end of the day it just feels like they want to do it for the ratings and $$$ only. Which really stinks.

  • dani

    i love that they are featuring a proper lesbian storyline on such a big show.

  • It’s great to see such a hit series as Desperate Housewives develop a lesbian theme. I’ve never watched the show regularly, but I tuned in this week to see the plot develop between Katherine and Robin. My novel, Seeking Sara Summers, has a very similar storyline: a woman unhappy with her marriage and searching for a more authentic life, who never considered “barking up that tree,” now considers expanding her universe!

    Susan Gabriel
    author of Seeking Sara Summers
    (a novel about another desperate housewife who comes out later in life)

  • Stacy

    I’m loving Julie Benz on the show – she is gorgeous and sweet and has depth – LOVE HER! Though I think they rushed that relationship, I totally “buy” that Katherine would go for it. She’s been let down by so many men, she’s lonely, and here come’s gorgeous seducing her! I hope it’s not over… as just a fling. I hope they continue exploring this relationship… we’ll see! @Susan Gabriel: Your book sounds intriguing – but it also sounds EXACTLY like Meredith Baxter Birney’s story! Good luck with it!

  • alex

    No killer dyke endiing to this story line. WOW!
    Seeing the story line from both sides on a personal level – as someone who was once classified as “straight” to someone who has since won toaster ovens, and has seen the struggles that one undergoes in a relationship, whether it be gay, straight or somewhere in between. As a hopeless romantic, I haven’t seen such a potentially happy ending since Desert Hearts!

  • Rawson

    I really like the fact that they are together. And I hope that she stays on the show longer.
    She is GREAT for the show.
    And there relationship is awesome.
    She makes things way more steamy.

  • Rawson

    oh yeah, and julie benz looks so good on the show!
    She is so hot.

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