More Taylor Lautner ‘Men’s Health’ Magazine Outtakes Surface

More, More, More

Back in November we got to see Taylor Lautner on the cover of Men’s Health magazine and in December we got to see the first batch of outtake photos from that shoot. Today we get to see another batch of outtakes from that shoot because, well, one can never have too many outtake photos of Taylor Lautner:

As you may recall, this shoot for Men’s Health featured Mr. Lautner fully clothed … he wasn’t even wet! But, the photos turned out a’ight anyways. After the jump, check ‘em out …

He looks so serious … like, he’s all grown up and stuff. Cute. While these outtakes are nice to see, I think I’m ready for a new shoot with an entirely new batch of photos.


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  1. Irma

    Wow he looks HOT.

  2. April


    thank god Taylor’s 18

  3. ha, taylor is so HOTTT.
    gimmme some of that ;)

  4. omfg i love taylor he is soooooo hot it sux that he is 18 but i still love him lol

  5. london

    lomfg. he is super cute

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