Continues To Tease Its Mystery Project


Earlier this month Trent Reznor began posting cryptic photos (HERE and HERE) on, the official website for Nine Inch Nails, which seem to be hinting at the latest progress on an as-yet unknown new project. In the past week or so, TR has posted 3 more cryptic teaser photos:

All of these photos, thus far, have been adding up to a big fat ? — Question Mark. The photos keep coming and we are no closer to knowing what the hell is going on. As maddening as all of this is, I have to admit that it is very exciting as well. I hope all of this build-up has a huge payoff … I’m DYING to know what is coming … aren’t you?


  • I know, it DRIVES ME CRAZY! ;)

  • Jules

    I am so excited I really can’t wait to see what he is doing!!

  • Joan

    Dying with you Trent!!! AGHHHH!!!!!

  • carrie

    i’m excited too. who knows what it could be? maybe the collaboration he alluded to last year or new nin music…? who knows? i love it. :)

  • I’m sure it will set the world on fire, whatever it is (rolling eyes)

  • Cortney

    Stop the games and just say whatever it is you’re doing, or shut up. It’s annoying.