Is The World Ready For ‘Showgirls 2’?


In entirely disturbing and totally unnecessary news, it would seem that someone has decided to make a sequel to the HORRENDOUSLY bad (but horribly fun) schlock film Showgirls (which was directed by Paul Verhoeven and stars Saved by the Bell’s Elizabeth Berkley) which apparently bears no resemblance at all to the original film. A trailer for Showgirls 2 has made its way to the Internets … here are a few screencaps and some deets about this sequel film:

When we reported last fall that unknown filmmaker Marc Vorlander had developed a sequel, and managed to raise $25 million to shoot a sequel to Paul Verhoeven’s infamously terrible “Showgirls,” we frankly didn’t believe it. Well, he may not have got the $25 million (it looks more like $25 and shot on a cellphone), but Vorlander now has a trailer for “Showgirls 2″ and it sort of has to be seen to be believed. Warning, it’s NSFW and incredibly bad, but we’ll probably see it, if for anything out of gross curiosity. At its best moments it looks like one of those “Emmanuelle” movies, as if it were shot by David Lynch, but then by the end the actors start talking and it quickly spirals into a D-level atrocity. Vorlander said he wanted Rena Riffel from the original to star, but by the looks of it, she’s not in this. The plot, which can easily be gleaned from the trailer, is (roughly translated) about “a stripper who died from a dose of contaminated cocaine. Her brother comes to Frankfurt to find the person responsible and get revenge.” We’re just still trying to figure out what that dumbbell scene was about, and what the skulls were for and frankly what the hell was going on for most of this.

I never would’ve dreamed that it was possible to make a WORSE film than Showgirls but this just goes to show you how terribly wrong I was. Lord, this looks bad. Check out the pretty NSFW uncensored trailer after the jump and judge for yourselves …

I honestly have no words. I suppose we can only hope and pray that this film never makes it to theaters … I mean, really, hasn’t the film industry suffered enough? What do y’all think of this trailer? Does Showgirls 2 look like a film that YOU would pay good money to see?


  • Alicia

    I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. Got about half through and gave up.

  • Angie

    WTF seems so inadequate, but it’s all I’ve got right now.

  • Like Alicia, I couldn’t make it through the entire trailer. This just looks like a Porno with a storyline LOL. I’ll have to pass on this one.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    as horrible as the original Showgirls was I am obsessed with that movie! It is amazing in all aspects. This looks like the total opposite of that film. It looks like some wierd satanic porn!!

  • TheTobin

    “Unnecessary” isn’t the word. What’s next?
    Gigli the sequel? I Know Who Killed Me … Again?
    No, just … no.

  • Brenna

    Does this mean we have the sequel to “I Know Who Killed Me” to look forward to in the future?

  • CJ

    I totally agree with Daniel… this just looks like a Porno with a story line!

  • Terry

    I absolutely love Showgirls! This looks horrible, but the original is where it’s at! Honestly, GREAT MOVIE!!!

  • PixiesBassline

    Omg. How could anyone even put such crap on film and call it a movie? There are WAY better, more interesting, higher quality HOME movies floating around.
    I’d be ashamed to attach my name to this.

  • robin

    that doesn’t even look like a real movie…more like a homemade horror- porno…i couldn’t get through more than the first minute or two…gotta love how the wet naked girl’s trail of water is still on the floor in front of her from previous takes…

  • Victoria

    What the hell was that?? Like what many have said, it looks more like a weird horror like porno than an actual movie. I don’t even know how Vorlander was able to raise $25million for this piece of crap that he’s calling a film.

  • Katie

    I just wasted 4 minutes of my life.

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  • Kim

    I think comic book guy from the Simpsons would say it best. Worst preview ever!. I totally agree with Katie. I also wasted 2+ minutes of my life. Couldn’t even finish the trailer. You couldn’t pay me enough to go see this movie. You’d have to tie me to a chair and prop my eyes open a la Clockwork Orange for me to watch it.

  • Kendra

    I feel dirty after watching that “preview”..It gave me the feeling of a snuff film or something..Ick..

  • JenX

    Hahahaha! Thanks for the morning chuckle. That was simply awful.

  • vic

    …….no, just no.

  • PixiesBassline

    @Robin – I know!! The water trail that was already there-
    I saw that too – LOL!!!!!!!

  • Bud

    It looks sooooooo cheap. Even cheaper than a Syfi made for tv movie. Is it produced by the girls gone wild guys? Even the music is cheap crap.

  • thomas

    Worst. Trailer. Ever.

    Seriously? WTF?

  • Brian

    Those were some ugly strippers. Even my straight guy friends wouldn’t get turned on by that mess. And was that Michael Stipe as the bartender? And that ‘stunt’ work? Amazingly awful. Straight to VOD, bargain DVD and Skinemax.

  • Chris

    Whoa. I’m pretty open about movies, but that was the worst trailer I have EVER seen.

  • rjp3

    showgirls has charm = lots of it
    and some great performances

    this is just silly
    esp despise how they were to lazy to dry the floor in between “crawling” takes

  • ofallthings

    WOW. how to tell when a movie is fake..
    actors literally have no emotion. even when screaming
    no changes to the music, a constant loop.
    what is she doing with that dumbbell? trying to wake her by tapping her gently?

    i mean come on, this guy made starship troopers, you need to give him some credit that the follow-up to a shitty movie with a hot lead would at least show off the replacement for the hot lead..and have her be hot..