Britney Spears’s New Album Is Due Out In June


Great news for fans of Britney Spears who are dying for some new music from the once pop princess, now queen of pop … according to a new report from MTV, Brit’s next album is really taking shape now that she is working with a new crop of amazing producers. AND GET THIS … we are hearing that Britney’s new album might be out by the Summer (June, to be exact) … we can only hope. Here are the deets from MTV on Britney’s new album and a NEW behind-the-scenes photo from Brit’s Candie’s photoshoot with Terry Richardson:

If Brit-Brit’s too-brief appearance at the Grammys wasn’t enough to whet your “Toxic” appetite, then get ready to chow down on some new music from Spears this June. For all those Circus freaks out there, you’ll be stoked to hear that Britney is re-teaming with K. Briscoe, part of The Outsyders production team, who penned Spears’ comeback hit “Womanizer.” Plus, our pop princess is also hooking back up with Corte Ellis from Soul Diggaz, who previously worked with Britney on the songs “Naked” and “Get Back” off Blackout. Finally, color us flattered that Spears took our advice and decided to collaborate with our fave new French hitmaker DJ David Guetta on new tunes. Ooh, la la! Briscoe, Ellis and Guetta join a heap of producers who have already been tapped for the project—like Danja, Max Martin, Darkchild, Sean Garrett. Guess it’s just a matter of time until we hear whose tracks make the final album cut. Hope we don’t blackout from anticipation!

Dang!! Britney is bringing out all the heavy-hitters … I’m hoping this new album will be more of the Blackout variety rather than the Circus variety. Trust me, I love Circus but Blackout had a much cooler edge … if this new disc is an amalgam of both albums, I’ll just die. And HELLOOOOOO, are we really talking about a June release? Please sweet baby Jebus, this this news be true … I would LOVE a new album to drop in 4 months time :) Ok … be for real … who’s excited?


  • Ben


    I cant wait! it is going to be GREAT!!!

    Go B!!!!


  • Molly

    SO excited! Music-wise, Brit can do no wrong in my eyes. And I’m loving how together she’s been for months and months now!

  • Kendra

    In answer to your question..ME! ME! ME!!! I just worry about the promotion aspect of releasing an album..It just seems so hectic and she hasn’t had much downtime since her huge tour..But maybe she’s one of those people who doesn’t like downtime..Unlike me who wishes I was on permanent downtime status..I just can’t wait to start hearing singles leak!!

  • As long as she doesn’t push herself too hard to get another album out, I’m super excited! I loooooved Circus. Almost every song on it was a winner for me :)

  • Devin

    I cannot wait! If there’s anything Britney does correctly 100% of the time it is release a kick ass album.

  • Lauri

    SOOOOOOO excited!

  • gunnarjet

    ..”queen of pop “???…. didn’t knew she was …

  • bosie

    WOW LADY GAGA is makign everyone really work in their albums…I wish the best for Brit…but we NEED MORE GAGA MUSIK

  • Melissa


  • Kati

    YES, so so so excited!! :)

  • nicole

    Guetta is better when he stays away from mainstream artist…so i wouldnt hold out for that song to be that great. and…well womanizer..wasnt that great of a song sound wise sure…lyrically…not so much…so i wont expect much from Briscoe either.
    But getting Sean Garrett – now theres a man who can write a song…i’d put my money to say that his single will be one of the best.

  • mikey

    me me, I am I am! I cannot wait. I loved blackout and circus, so a happy medium would be awesome. I always hoped that she would work with producers like rick rubin and mix it up a bit but i loved get naked and the prospect of a thumping bass line like sexy bitch makes me all giddy inside

  • Guetta plus Spears = Already feeling it being a huge summer club jam!

  • brock

    Would love a mix of ITZ and blackout and no tour but a lot of live performances and apperances

  • Matt

    Guetta + Britney… OMG, could it get any better?

  • Me

    This has got to be the funniest thing I’ve read all day, Britney “Queen of Pop”? Thats a pretty ballsy and baseless statement. She has a LONG road ahead if she ever plans on taking up that mantle from Madonna. That being said I am quite excited to hear her new music, I’m hoping it’s alot better than Circus.

  • Me2

    Britney the “queen of Pop” funniest thing I heard all day, lol
    Long live the the true Queen, Madonna

  • Bruce

    Can’t wait!!!! And like you Trent, I do hope it’s more Blackout than Circus!!

  • anon!

    i liked circus but i too would prefer that she go in the same direction as “blackout.” that album was more original/experimental (–almost “less safe” i want to say), and i think it appealed to more people than the typical, purely pop sound we normally associate with brit-brit.

    i hope this matches or tops blackout (and that my expectations aren’t too high).


    Madonna is OLD NEWS. I mean, her last album was terrible, she has no more originality, and she has fallen off her throne in my opinion. Lady GaGa comes off as extremely forced and unbelievable. Britney is just Britney, doesn’t try hard to be anyone she isn’t, and made the whole world love her again. Not many artists could go through what she did and comeback as successfully and she did. Srsly.

  • Elise

    I agree. Blackout was Britney’s tour de force.

  • J

    Blackout really should have been released when Circus was… was such a waste really. EVERY song and seriously EVERY song had single potential. With 110% commitment and promotion, they could have released every song as a single and succeeded.

    Circus, which was a great album also – only had half the great tracks. Circus and Womanzier were good choices for singles, but Kill The Lights & Unusual You should have been released. Even a lot of the BOnus Tracks were better than the tracklist like TROUBLE. that iTunes pre-order bonus is like some OUT OF THIS WORLD song. It’s freaking awesome.

    But Blackout – could you imagine Toy Solider on radio. Summer smash anyone? and when Ellen danced to it one episode i really though Jive would go with it. Get Naked and Freakshow – jsut Blackout had a hit with every song.

    Britney and Blackout was the perfect album to cross her over to a more urban market which means she would own the charts even more. Unfort. Billboard is run by black artists, no racial discrimination. But a Pop/Country/Rock song have no chance against a Rap/Hip Hop/R&B song. Those songs pretty much get double the points and radio airplay cause they’re on urban stations and mainstream pop stations. Britney is only on ONE.

    In the Zone and Blackout – her best work IMO, were both great potentials for urban cross over. Especially OUTRAGEOUS, it had Snoop Dogg in the unfinished video. She’s had a lot of set backs but she is still the Queen of Pop!
    Cannot wait for this new one… but i really want MORE BRITNEY INPUT and PROMOTION. TV shows, Interviews, Performances. Award shows, red carpets!!!!

  • vic

    I’m excited for pop music in general :) Now that Brit’s well and truly back it’s even more exciting! Can’t wait for some new Brit!

  • Kristin

    Apparently this isn’t true…