Nicole Richie Is A Fly Girl


Did you know that Nicole Richie can fly airplanes? Neither did I … which is why I was very pleasantly surprised to learn from her official blog that in addition to being a mother, fashion designer and fiancéeshe is also an airplane co-pilot:

This past Thursday I flew to Montreal to promote my two lines Winter Kate, and House of Harlow 1960. And by flew, I mean I actually flew. My partners, Rick and Brian, let me be the co-pilot once again on their jet! It was so much fun! Now if only everyone else on the flight felt the same way.

This is so cool! Now, I’m not sure if Nicole is an actual licensed pilot or not but I would assume that she is based on the release of these photos. I love me some Nicole but I’m not sure I’d be entirely comfortable letting her pilot a plane I was on … but she must be a good pilot, right? I wonder what other secrets Ms. Richie has up her sleeve that we don’t know about?


  • DJ Vegas

    From what I understand about flying from my Judge, who has a pilot’s license, you need to maintain a certain number of hours in order to really be able to fly. In short, you need to be on top of your skill set to be able to do it. I would bet Nicole is a bit too busy to actually be able to fly very often. But Go ON though Nicole! That looks really cool to be doing. And you look cute doing it. ;D

  • Kate

    Nah, my dad lets me be his “copilot” all the time, and I’m certainly not a licensed pilot by any means. Both sets of controls always work and the real pilot will immediately take over if anything goes wrong. It is fun to do though, and those are some very cute pics!

  • she can hardly see over the dashboard!!!

  • Liz

    A friend of mine had a Cessna 210 and I used to co-pilot all of the time. Fun to play in the clouds.

  • LaTigresse

    She came to montreal? We didn’t hear about it! bouuu :(

  • Ama

    Didn’t she already fly a plane before? Or co-pilot one? I thought she did when she was pregnant with her son. Ah crazy.

    Anyways, she is very pretty. She is a woman of many talents XD

  • Lindsey

    Five years ago…We are betting on Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Lindsay Lohan…Who would win? Geez.

    Lost that bet. Big time.

  • Lindsey

    Also..I have “Co-Piloted” a plane before. That consisted of a man pulling a surprisingly nice looking plane out of his barn during a family reunion. He is Austrian and not a part of our family, but is a close friend.

    Anyway, two a time we got into his plane, inside it was like a car, but with steering on each side, and a basic backseat. Four seats, he was “driving” and his wife was in the back. I was riding shotgun.

    When we got up, 60 miles from OKC, I could perfectly see the skyline.

    After our tour, he asked me to line him up to the runway, which was actually really easy, even when considering the runway was a forest with trees cut out, and we landed on the GRASS.
    After that, my mothers horrifying moment was over.

    Point- Even I can say I’ve flown a plane, I could have taken the same picture.
    I like her, but this isn’t badass.

  • lady surgeon

    @ Lindsey – agree!!! my 7 and 9 year old sons “fly” my husband’s plane all the time as co-pilots! Love Love Love Nicole tons but she did NOT fly the plane!

  • She posted pictures a few months back of her flying too, so this is definitely not the first time.