Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Poses For ‘Interview’ Magazine

... with Bar Rafaeli?!?

Mike The Situation Sorrentino, one of the stars of MTV‘s hit show Jersey Shore, has updated his official Facebook profile with a couple of new photos from a recent photoshoot he did for Interview magazine. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but … The Situation got to pose in this new photoshoot for Interview with supermodel Bar Rafaeli — yeah, Leonardo DiCaprio‘s lady. Will you please join me in a hearty WTF?!

The Situation and Bar Rafaeli ( Leo Dicaprio’s gurl) Interview Magazine Spread

Yeah .. what? These are two people that I would never imagine in the same photoshoot and, yet … here we have it. The Sitch shares one more photo from this shoot — check it out after the jump …

Ugh, is it terrible that I am painfully curious to see what these photos will look like? Someone, please shoot me now.

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  1. nicole

    dont worry, im curious too lol

  2. Joe

    he could possibly be cute….. minus the grease.

  3. Joan

    LMAO. Obviously you’re not the only one, Trent, haha!

  4. Crystal

    I’m gonna have to see these too I’m afraid. That damn train wreck of a show. I just can’t not watch.

  5. CHASE

    They don’t deserve to be famous!

  6. LOL he looks like a skeezy male stripper in that second picture!

  7. lmao awwww i hate myself for saying this
    but i loveee the situation hes freaken halarious this guy. him and snookie made the show for me.

  8. “you stalked my whole life on the boardwalk”

  9. BCDanielle

    Another blogger ( I won’t name names) says he looks like Don Knotts. I’d have to agree……

    I’m a mean person… :(

  10. Meg

    WTF?! Do you think Leo is laughing his arse off over this? No matter how painful it is I’m curious to see what came of this photo shoot too.

  11. kelly

    some serious money/backers behind these morons ….

  12. Lindsey

    Why do I want to see this too!?!?!?!?

    That said…I guess I can shoot you before I shoot myself….just for a favor.

    It wouldn’t be toooo much trouble.

    But….is this really worth dying?

    Yes. It is.

  13. Katherine

    wait, what?
    I guess Bar sleeps with ol’ double-chin Dicaprio, so maybe this works for her?

    @Erin – wasn’t that Pauly D? Ughhh, I hate myself for knowing that.

  14. Cee

    I don’t get how these idiots are on TV. I really don’t. I’m sad that TV has come to this :(

  15. Laur

    NOooooooooooooooooooo, Bar!!!!
    She’s too good to be in pics with that annoying greaseball. EW!
    How much could they possibly be paying her that she would agree to such embarassment. I don’t care how popular the show is right now. EW!

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