First Look: Jennifer Lopez On ‘How I Met Your Mother’


A couple of weeks ago, Neil Patrick Harris shared a personal photo on Twitter of Jennifer Lopez on the set of his CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother and today we get to see the first official promo still from that episode. As you can see from the following photo, J. Lo’s character Anita Appleby is puttin’ the serious moves on NPH’s character Barney Stinson:

The official first look of “How I Met Your Mother” episode that reveals how Jennifer Lopez translates to the sitcom has been released. In the new still, Lopez’s Anita Appleby is in the position to seduce Neil Patrick Harris’ Barney. According to earlier reports, Anita is a self-help guru who helps Robin in taming the womanizer. Anita makes it her mission to “break” Barney. There is no date yet for the episode but it will be within the March run … “How I Met Your Mother” is taking a break for the Winter Olympics coverage but will be back on March 1 with Carrie Underwood as guest.

J. Lo looks good, y’all. Her booty is bangin’ and Barney looks like putty in Anita’s hands. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that these might might actually do the do … er, well, on the show that is ;) HIMYM is pulling out all the stops in these upcoming eps … be on the look out for a bunch of great guest stars. Which of the show’s upcoming guests are you most excited to see?


  • Connie

    Love that show. Now I’m not saying that I would kill, but I would probably take a swing at somebody to have Jennifer’s figure:)

  • nicole

    hahaha her butt was the first the i was gunna comment on!
    i think these two will make a great combo on the show.

  • love

    OH MY… she is WEARING that dress!!!! her figure looks AMAZING!

  • heather

    Dayum! Is that @$$ 4 real?? lol! She has a bangin’ body!

  • schmee

    I crush on NPH in a big giant way. Someone should get me that for my birthday

  • krissy

    I heard that her and Sony parted ways today, and that her cd is no longer coming out!!!!

  • Dee

    I ASSPIRE to have a back side like that!!!!!!!!!!

  • jennie

    I’m with schmee when your done with neil send him my way please =)