Behind The Scenes Of Prince Williams’s Latest Photoshoot


Earlier this week we saw a striking photo of Prince William on the cover of the new issue of Hello! magazine … a photo which was shot by a former homeless man named James Hubbard who, we learned, was allowed to shoot the young prince so that the photos could be sold to the highest bidder for charity. Today we get to see a cute pic of the photographer and the prince along with a couple of behind the scenes photos from their photoshoot:

It’s been the talking point of the week: Has Prince William really dyed his hair black or has the future king been given a digitally altered new thatch? With the issue being discussed as far afield as India, Australia and the U.S., St James’s Palace yesterday took the extraordinary step of issuing a statement. Apparently it’s all down to legendary photographer Rankin (he is so famous that he doesn’t have to use his first name) and some over-enthusiastic studio lighting and technical jiggery-pokery. The Glaswegian artist, who has previously captured subjects as diverse as the Queen and Britney Spears, oversaw last month’s session in his London studio in which William was photographed by Jeff Hubbard, a former homeless man now getting his life back on track. It was the appearance of the pictures in Hello! magazine this week, after being sold to raise money for charity, that led to the comments about the prince’s thinning, dark blond locks being replaced by a good covering of almost black hair. William’s spokesman said that as the portraits were ‘artwork’ and not a straight-forward snap, a specific form of lighting was used to create a clear, crisp image – which immediately darkened the royal hair. The portraits were then developed to give William a ‘natural’ skin tone, but this further darkened all the non-white tones – including William’s mop. The explanation did not fully explain how it also made his thinning hairline look so much more full. The spokesman said: ‘Studio lighting and work on colour contrasts in the prints have all contributed to the particular look. The prince is pleased with the results, particularly since they have been commissioned in order to help homeless men and women, which is an issue close to his heart.’ Money from the sale of the pictures and an exhibition will go to the charity Crisis, which helps rough sleepers get back on their feet. It was Crisis which helped 53-year-old Mr Hubbard turn his life around after his marriage and successful travel business collapsed in the recession of the early Nineties.

Honestly, I don’t even care how fake his hair looks … Prince Wills looks good in these photos. The behind the scenes photos show that his hair wasn’t really dyed black for the photos and they also don’t show him lookin’ so thin on top. Check out those photos after the jump …

I do find it interesting, tho, that while Prince Wills deigned to be photographed by a formerly homeless commoner, he still made sure to have a high-priced photo retoucher on hand to make sure the pics turn out perfect. Whatevs, I like the pics … it’d be nice to see more pics of the young prince like these. What do y’all think?


  • He’s a good looking enough guy that he could shave his head and not worry about all the chatter on his balding. Course, he could dye it black, too. The darker color suits him.

  • that girl

    that’s nice of him to do this

  • lo

    i think it’s for a great cause. and who cares if he uses a hair piece? he’s going to be king one day. that’s more than brendan fraser can say.

  • babybunny

    I love how he has Diana’s eyes and smile.

  • Ally

    I hate how everyone makes such a big deal about his hair. Have you seen his father? It sucks, but genes are winning out. Let’s not harp on it. He is still just as handsome.

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  • arizona03

    It’s kinda sad that people are paying so much attention to his hair and not the actual reason/cause for these photos. A person who is kind and genuine will always be attractive regardless of the amount of hair they have :)

  • The “artistic” process sounds too much like Photoshop to me. But anyway, it’s great that he did this for charity. And yeah, the photo looked great.

  • He could have green hair and still be handsome. He is a handsome guy. No matter what his hair color people are always going to talk about him regardless.

  • Alan

    I think Prince William is a good man & will be a good king, and yes, he’s a very nice looking guy with either dark or blonde hair.