First Look: Sheryl Crow On ‘Cougar Town’


A few weeks ago it was reported that musician Sheryl Crow will be guest starring in upcoming eps of her BFF Courteney Cox-Arquette’s hit comedic sitcom Cougar Town on ABC and today we get our first look at Crow on the show. People magazine just released the first promo still from Sheryl Crow’s first episode of Cougar Town … behold:

Sheryl Crow has caught the acting bug — and getting to kiss a hunky TV star didn’t help! The singer is set to appear in a recurring role on Cougar Town, which stars her pal Courteney Cox, beginning in March. “I play a woman named Sara in her 40s who’s a wine dealer,” Crow tells PEOPLE. “I don’t want to give too much away but there’s a little romance with Grayson (Josh Hopkins, pictured), who lives across the street from Jules, which is Courteney’s character. Jules and Grayson have always had a sort of unspoken thing for each other.” Does that mean there will be a catfight over serial dater Grayson? “I don’t know if I can give it away,” Crow says with a laugh. She did dish, however, on smooching Hopkins. “He’s a good kisser,” she says. “But it’s always weird kissing somebody when there are 3,000 people around.” But Crow had a plan for getting over her nerves — rip it like a Band Aid! “The first day I walked in and I saw Josh and I said, ‘Okay, kiss me! Let’s get it over with.” And so they did: “Yeah. I said let’s get it over with,” she says. “No surprises.”

As I’ve said many times, I LOVE Cougar Town. It sounds like Sheryl will be bringing some more drama to the show … which is always a good thing. I loved it when Lisa Kudrow guested on the show, here’s hoping Sheryl’s ep(s?) will be just as fun to watch!


  • nicole

    she better do good! i love this show lol

  • Cupcake

    LOVE this show too!!! And Josh Hopkins is a HOTTIE! Sort of reminds me of the sexy lead singer from Third Eye Blind: Stephan Jenkins – MMM mmm MMM, niiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!

  • truthyisalways

    I LOVE Sheryl. Can’t wait to see her act!

  • artemis

    trent, do you agree that busy phillips is pretty much the funniest character ever on that show? “WAIT A MINUTE. you have a first name/last name situation?! Take me home RIGHT NOW!”

  • James

    LOVE her!!..can’t wait to see her on CT…and envious that she got to kiss Mr. Hopkins…he’s divine…