Britney Spears & Jason Trawick’s Ballooning Love


Yesterday we learned that Britney Spears and her agent/beau Jason Trawick spent part of their Valentine’s Day celebration at their friendly, neighborhood McDonald’s … but it turns out that there was more to their VD plans than just a sack of Chicken McNuggets. Jason ordered a HUGE bouquet of balloons to be delivered to Britney by the the time the couple returned home from their trip to McD’s:

Aren’t they just the cutest? It’s impressive that Britwick are so content with the simpler things in life. It really appears that they enjoyed themselves a fabulous Valentine’s Day together … here’s hoping Britwick will enjoy many more together :)

[Photo credit: X17]

  • It may just be me but balloon dude looks like Adam Sandler.

  • nicole

    @MOTM – its not just you.

  • pitnb

    that’s so sweeeeeeet <3

  • Maria

    I know how much you love her but I think it’s funny how you can turn a trip to McDonalds into a romantic yet simple gesture. lol

  • Cathy

    Am I the only person that thinks his hair is a wreck?? Can’t he get a hair stylist?? Maybe a his/hers hair stylist…I’m not a fan of her hair right now either….

  • Kendra

    His hair reminds me of Wayne Coyne’s..I LOVE it!

  • IMHO

    They can keep their VD to themselves ;-)

  • alex

    Ok, first of all, I love Britney, I’m a huge fan and all, but seriously, Trent… that is FAR from being a “HUGE” bouquet of balloons… it’s just a few balloons tied together, nothing special… that, or you’re very easily impressed :P lol