Are Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli Gettin’ Hitched?


Now that we know that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are engaged to be wed, the question becomes are Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli engaged as well? The couple who have been together for a long time (despite the occasional ups and downs) were spotted enjoying a romantic Valentine’s Dinner together this past weekend … and those who were there to bear witness are saying it looked like Leo popped the question. Bar was also photographed wearing a ring on her finger (tho, IMHO, it does not look like an engagement ring to me) so … could they really be engaged?

With Sunday being Valentine’s Day, it would have been the perfect opportunity to get down on bended knee. So the question is, has Leonardo DiCaprio proposed to his on-off girlfriend Bar Refaeli? If the shiny gold ring on her engagement finger is anything to go by, it could the case. The Israeli model, 24, was spotted with the sparkler as she dined with Leo and his mother at the charity gala dinner at the Berlin International Film Festival today. Last month the pair were pictured together at a basketball match, setting tongues wagging that they had rekindled their tempestuous relationship. They split in June 2009, reportedly because 35-year-old Leo was not ready to settle down and move in with her. But now it appears the actor could be ready to bite the bullet. German newspaper Bild reported that the Hollywood star proposed to Bar in the Hotel de Rome on Valentine’s Day. Later that day, the pair shared a romantic evening meal at the city’s Grill Royal restaurant. On Monday, Leo’s German mother Irmelin, 65, joined her son and Bar at the Cinema for Peace Gala 2010 charity dinner. The event is held every year as part of the film festival, also known as the Berlinale. DiCaprio dressed for the occasion in a smart tuxedo dinner suit while Bar wore an eggshell silk number. Bild newspaper also quoted a source saying the actor’s mother had been urging him to make an honest woman of Bar. The insider told the publication: ‘She previously urged him to marry Gisele Bündchen without success. Now she said to him, “Don’t make the same mistake a second time!”‘

HMMM … VD is certainly a good time to propose and considering Leo and Bar have been together for some time it makes sense that they might’ve gotten engaged. I find it hard to believe, tho, that the ring that Bar is wearing is an engagement ring. Considering how private this couple is, I doubt we’ll get any sort of confirmation either way. It’d be nice to see these two settle down but something tells me that Leonardo DiCaprio is not the marrying kind. What do y’all think … are they gettin’ hitched?


  • kimorri

    If that is an engagement ring, wow….pretty understated in hopes not to gain any attention…unless he’s just cheap….lol

  • nicole

    leo doesnt strike me as the cheap type…so im gunna say thats not an engagement ring.

  • truthyisalways

    hells no. You called it years ago when you said like he seemed not down but like your typical “cad about town” after he finally dumped Giselle Buendchen. My theory is that these beauties of perfection don’t trust/like the drooling admiration they get, and he treats them with indifference.

  • KKEsquire

    He already denied this rumor. I expect Leo to go the Clooney route, just swapping out a new beauty every few years. I actually like that Leo best. Not everyone needs to settle down and start a family, and I dig him with a little edge.

  • BriK

    no chance thats an engagement ring— especially one he would buy.

  • whynot22

    Nooo. She’s going to marry me!

  • Amy

    It looks more like my grandma’s wedding band. It does not look like an engagement ring. I don’t think Leo is the marrying kind. His mom should just get used to it and quit trying to marry him off, if this is true of her. Not all people need or want to be married.

  • Lola

    That was a ring she had last year around this time and everyone said he popped the question but he actually dumped her shortly after that! lol! I think he wants to get married and have kids. He just doesn’t want it w/the likes of Barfy. Who would? She married a Sugar Daddy who did business w/her dad to avoid military service and now she wants to avoid paying taxes! Oh, yeah-perfect person to be Leo’s baby momma! He’s holding out for the real deal and in the meantime,he just hits it w/Barfy or any other model that wants to be a Giselle wannabe!

  • Joey

    Bar’s father is a spy. Leo is being used for exposure in Israel. spreading cultural influence. He’s stupid.

  • Hahaha, Leonardo kills it in his latest movie. I love Inception! It’s such a wild movie that I think it ruined the chances for me to enjoy any other movie!