‘The Runaways’ Film Releases A Batch Of ‘Old Skool’ Promo Pics


We are just about 1 month away from the theatrical release of the biopic The Runways, based on the 70’s rock band of the same name, and today we get see an even newer batch of promo photos from the film. This new batch is not made up of movie stills (like THIS batch of promos), this new batch is meant to look like promo materials from the late 70’s/early 80’s … check it out:

These pics are fun. They are meant to look like teen mags from the late 70’s/early 80’s that were happy to splash photos of The Runaways on their covers. What I like most about these pics is that the other members of the band are featured, it’s not merely all about Kristen Stewart (as Joan Jett) and Dakota Fanning (as Cherie Currie). After the jump, check out a few more of these fun Runaways promo pics …

Yeah, Dakota is gettin’ a bit more focus in these first two pics but she’s completely omitted from the faux album cover on the bottom. These pics are really fun … I just hope the movie doesn’t suck. I’m really looking forward to seeing it for myself … but, thus far, I’m happy with the promo stuff. These are great, right?


  • nisha

    wow these are really cool and it is nice to finally see the rest of the banf featured in the promo pics.dakota looks really hto as cherie.i really love how they have got the look absloutely perfect in all the promo pic hope that continues in the film. i am just so excited for this.thanks for posting

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    That look awesome. It is crazy how close they actually look like the band!

  • nicole

    well its about time they added the other girls.

  • Bo

    I love this photos! I saw the film and the performances are incredible. It is a great rock-n-roll film and I was a big fan of the Runaways and Cherie.

  • Jordan

    Does anyone else feel a little uncomfortable looking at Dakota Fanning in those photos?? She’s still the little girl from I Am Sam to me.

  • Love it. I now officially want to see this movie.

  • Las Vegas

    Kristen looks soooo much like Joan Jett it is AMAZING I just can’t wait to hear her sing!

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  • san

    wow! i didn’t know ALia Shawkat is in here! i’m excited!

  • kelly

    The actor playing Sandy (drummer) doesn’t look strong enough. Sandy West was a tomboy and a powerhouse!! Where are the arms??!

  • Laura

    I had no idea that they created a fictional bass player… “Robin” … wtf?

  • Patsy

    Yes I can’t believe this pictures…. Dakota still looks too young for this kind of part.. They all have baby faces not like the runaways who were young but strong… creepy sht

  • Tony77

    the actress playing Lita Ford looks just like her

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