Lorenzo Martone Does ‘New York’ Magazine


Last week we learned the Marc Jacobs’s new husband, Lorenzo Martone, is featured in the new issue of Butt magazine. It turns out that Mr. Martone-Jacobs is also featured in the new issue of New York magazine. In his interview, Martone opens up about life at home and at work … as the first husband of Fashion:

Martone (or Lolo, as his friends call him, like he’s a big puppy) loves to touch people. He has a powerful, and soothing, physical presence. He even smells reassuringly expensive (his cologne is called Poivres à Trois, which, he jokes, translates into “a pepper threesome”). He dresses in a happy, colorful uniform of tight shirts, suspenders, skinny jeans, scrunchy socks, and high-top sneakers, all by labels like Lanvin, Dior, and Marc Jacobs (he says he gets a slightly more than 20 percent-off VIP discount). For the last two years, Martone, who speaks four languages and has an M.B.A. in, of all things, luxury-brand management, has worked as a strategic planner for Chandelier Creative, a fashion and beauty ad agency with clients like Parfums Givenchy, Nars Cosmetics, and threeASFOUR. Tonight he’s wearing a Chanel watch encircled with diamonds, which he got from Jacobs after “I caught him smoking in action in Venice,” he says. Martone hates smoking, and they got in a fight over the fact that Jacobs hadn’t quit like he said he had. “Between the Taurus sign and being Latin, I probably reacted …?” He trails off. “And all I know, we were shopping in Venice and I got this watch as a gift.” Martone wears two rings. One he bought himself, with a matching one for Jacobs—pink gold from Boucheron, “which is Marc’s favorite brand.” He’s had bears engraved on the inside. “We call each other bears because of our facial hair and all that,” he says. “I have an attraction for beards. It’s kind of a fetish.” Jacobs grew one after they started dating. “I’ve molded him in my image,” Martone says, not quite seriously. The other, an infinity ring of emerald-cut diamonds, Jacobs gave to Martone off his own finger after they’d been together for eight months. “It was not an engagement ring, just a gift,” Martone says. Like Elizabeth Bennet, the heroine of his beloved Pride and Prejudice, he has his share of status conflicts over his marriage prospect. But then again, Jane Austen never imagined the blogosphere. Or for that matter, Butt magazine, the arty gay quarterly that Martone posed bare-bottomed for in the spring 2010 issue, discussing their wedding, as well as his personal sexual history.

Ah yes, I knew it wouldn’t take long for Martone’s Butt to rear it’s proverbial head again. Incidentally, this New York magazine spread also offers another photo from Martone’s Butt spread. After the jump, check out another look at Martone’s NSFW bare butt in Butt

If you so desire, you can read the entire New York magazine article on Lorenzo Martone HERE (it tells the whole tale of his relationship with Marc Jacobs) but, if you’ll forgive me, I’m only interested in the photos. It’s hard not to see Martone as a kept man but, I highly doubt he cares very much. I truly hope that Marc and Lorenzo can find true and lasting happiness together. I also truly hope for more feature photospreads in Butt magazine ;)


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    But, it’s so ordinary and unremarkable.

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    Hardly model material and did kept man have to be mentioned??

  • whotheheckami

    Don’t you mean, “Butt, it’s so ordinary and unremarkable”? LOL

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    meh, i thought it would be more perky and bubbly…. just another butt.


    maybe it’s me… maybe it’s the pose… maybe it’s the lighting.. but, huh… not seeing anything spectacular. kind of flat …

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    hey. does anybody know what shoe is lorenzo wearing?