Spirited Away


Last week I decided that I want to re-watch the entire Charmed series (all 8 seasons) and as luck would have it, the re-runs on TNT coincided perfectly with that desire. I’m about mid-way thru season 1 and am loving the show all over again. Even tho I own the entire series on DVD in the limited edition Charmed: The Complete Series [Book of Shadows] collection

… my plan is to re-watch the entire series on TNT in 2 eps per day to stretch out my enjoyment ;)

This past weekend, I ordered an amazing prop replica of the Spirit Board used on the show and it arrived yesterday … and is SO MUCH COOLER than I though it would be. I already own the Spirit Board prop replica that was used in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 7 episode Conversations with Dead People so this Charmed Spirit Board is a welcome addition to my collection:

Trust me, I am not the sort of person who likes to play with Ouija boards but I do love these prop replicas. I also have a traditional Ouija board signed by the members of Marilyn Manson put away at my parent’s home back in Michigan … which makes it sound like I collect them or something. I actually love collecting prop replicas from my fave TV shows but it just so happens I know have all of these Ouija boards. So yeah … that’s about the extent of my exciting day yesterday. I’m not sure if there are any Charmed fans out there but I think it might be worth re-watching the series again. I had forgotten how fun the show is … and I have never re-watched the entire series in full so, I’m excited. This weekend, I’m dragging David out to go with me to see the actual house that was used in the Charmed series as the the Halliwell mansion (which is here in LA) so that I can take photos. Yes, I’m a nerd but at least I’m having fun :) Wee!!

  • Kayla

    Loved Charmed! I watched pretty much the entire season when it first aired and caught an episode the other day, forgot how good it was and how much I loved the character of Cole.

  • Kristi

    OMG Trent make sure you get pics of the Halliwell mansion!! I so loooooved that show!

  • Renee

    I started to make my way through all the seasons a few months ago on Cosmo TV in Canada a few months ago. I managed to start at the first episode and now I am almost at the end. I forgot how great the show was, so glad I decided to watch. Have fun at the Halliwell mansion.

  • Amanda

    I love Charmed. I have all the seasons on DVD. When I find time (probably in the summer when all my other shows aren’t on) I want to rewatch it.


    Do Quija boards really work? They kind of freak me out. Ha

  • Kristi

    I think I remember their first chant together was “the power of three will set us free” or something like that!

  • Christine

    “Yes, I’m a nerd but at least I’m having fun :) ”
    LOVE IT. You only have the fun you make for yourself, sounds like you are good at that =)

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I loved charmed but you those things scare the shit out of me!! Good luck with that, remember what happend in Paranormal Activity? Anyways, maybe I will see you this weekend in LA…Never know!

  • Sara

    I started re-watching too this week! Being snowed in for 6 days now in D.C., it was the perfect time to start a new series. I’m already halfway through season 2! Gotta love snow days!

  • MiKiE


  • robin

    i’ve been rewatching buffy on mtv in the mornings…i need all the seasons on dvd! i watched charmed a little but never got into it that much. collect ouiji boards, but don’t use them! they open portals into the paranormal and are bad news if you ask any paranormal expert! (not that i am one…but i’ve watched enough ghost hunters to know they are a no no :P)

    • @robin — In all honesty, you can open yourself up to dangerous stuff with or without spirit boards. It’s all about intent, so I’m pretty ok :)

  • Randi

    That’s a great idea– back when it first started, I really loved Charmed, the fact that the sisters lived together in that awesome mansion and had such cool lives and adventures. Sorta lost track of the show toward the end, but maybe a rewatch from the beginning is the way to go to set the scene! I absolutely LOVE that house, hope it lives up to expectations! Can’t wait to see the pics :)

  • Nicola

    I’ve been re-watching the entire series for a couple of months now on Cosmo channel (is that only in Canada?), I’m about halfway through season 8. Love it!

  • Wow, that replica board is gorgeous. I totally want one and I haven’t made it through season 1 of Charmed yet. I have the series on DVD, just haven’t had the time to get through it yet.

  • DJ Vegas

    That Charmed board is the shizz! Good score. I’m not even into that show and I want one now. :)


    I loooooove Charmed

    The first season was good but I really think the show got so much better with the second season

  • Sara

    I’ve been watching the Charmed series all over again too! I’m on the final season and absolutely love it. I have debates with my friend as to whether Charmed or Smallville (I know they are different) was a better show. I think Charmed had one of the best series finales out there.

  • Erin

    I LOVE charmed! It’s pretty much my favorite show and I’ve been watching the reruns on TNT too! I’m jealous of the ouiji board and I want to go to the house they filmed it at so bad, so I’ll definitely be waiting anxiously to see your pictures!

  • Shannon

    Charmed was and still is my favorite show! I always wanted to go see the real house! One day I will make it out there!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  • jill

    omg I looooooove charmed!!!!!!!!!!!! you rock it post those pics!!!!!!! Blessed be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    I lovee Charmed!! Deff take pictures when you go see the house:)

  • Jessica

    I meant to say, deffinitely post the pictures you take. -palmface-

  • Jerseyhater

    Charmed is hilarious! Went out and bought the series DVD’s a few years ago, and loved the whole thing. The wit and characterizations keep the show “charming.”

  • I love love love charmed! I was in middle school when the show started and I stuck with it until the very end. Best show ever.

  • Lucy

    Trent, just read this. Yes, you can open yourself up to a lot of things with or without spirit boards, but remember that spirits attach themselves to things in which they are welcome. Intent is irrelevant at that point. You are keeping all kinds of dangerous items in your homestead! Anything with a pentagram, devil, demon, etc is a direct invitation into your home from the evil one.

    Throw any Ouiji board in a fire, I guarantee you will hear it scream. This bummed me out even more than those face of death paintings in the sanctuary, ahem – your bedroom.


  • Geret

    Love Charmed. Love Shannen Doherty.
    Prue was gone way too soon (but her swan song was fabulous).

  • blaqfury


  • blaqfury

    To this day I still say its my favorite show. I have watched the series… yes SERIES over 8 times… I can tell you which episode it is usually within 5 secs of watching it (usually by the outfits)… The board is hot… if i wasn’t so freaked out by ouiji boards… i’d definitely be getting one too… My friend & I said that we’re gonna make our kids watch the series cause there are so many life lessons in that show…lol Its always good to know that there are kindred Charmed hearts out there… enjoy the episodes!

  • J

    Trent, Ouija boards scare me too — I’m glad you are careful with how you use them. You can really bring something over that isn’t so good. Eek! I guess you’re very specific on how you call – highest good and all? I still prefer to stay away from Ouija boards for divination. Tarot cards, runes, tea leaves all use one’s own intuition and connection with the higher source…and seems safer to me :)

  • Denise

    I love Charmed! and I already rewatched all the seasons twice. I would visit the Halliwell Manor if I lived nearby.. So I guess I’m also a nerd.. :p

  • JeniLee

    they did such a great job with that complete series set! however I didnt like the show once they brought on Rose Mcgowan so I havent bought it….its so much money!

    • We’re on the same ‘paige’ JeniLee