Madonna & Jesus Luz Party On In Brazil


Madonna and Jesus Luz, newly reunited in Brazil this week after reports spread of the end of their romantic affiliation, spent some time together in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil last night getting into the pre-Carnival spirit. Madonna & Child stepped out for a semi-quiet dinner together before they hit the streets of Rio to get their party on:

She’s been hitting the clubs since her Studio 54 days in New York in the Seventies. So Madonna could be forgiven for wanting to put her feet up these days with a cup of cocoa. But the mother of four obviously feels there is still enough petrol in the tank to party. And who better to hit the dance floor with in Rio De Janeiro last night than toyboy lover Jesus Luz? Unfortunately, the singer looked more like a reluctant mum dragged along to a frat party as she watched Jesus, 23, strip to the waist and dance in the sweaty venue with his friends. While Jesus got into the groove, Madge stuck to the sidelines, leaving the dancing to the much younger club-goers. That was hardly surprising. After all, she was more than double the age of the average clubgoer at the Circus Nightclub and at times appeared a little sleepy and withdrawn. After getting their music fix, the couple were escorted to a waiting car and driven back to their hotel.

Aww … poor Madge … trying to hang in there with the youngn’s. Bless her heart. Before Maddy had to be put down to bed, Jesus was photographed giving Madonna something to suck on right there on the streets, for anyone to see — after the jump, check out those photo to see what exactly was going on …

Yep … it looks like Maddy was really enjoying the free-flowing Caipirinha drinks last night (Caipirinha is a very popular drink in Brazil, made with lemon and Brazilian rum called cachaça). I’ve had my fair share of Caipirinha in my time, it’s deffo worth slurpin’ on. Oh yeah, Jesus also slipped Madonna something else …

… his tongue. Well, this public make-out session is sure to get other tongues wagging as well. Isn’t it great when BFFs swap spit like this in public? Carnival is still a few days away so Madonna & Child have plenty of time to keep the party going. Looks like fun, right?

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Seriously…move on! It is kind of sad now.

  • krissy

    Her face looks really deformed in the pictures with the sucker. I think I would have respected a wrinkled Madonna more than a unhuman looking Madonna.

  • jeremy

    No you wouldn’t have…..

  • lyndyloo

    Queen of the fucking universe.


    Yeah, because a lot of queens make amazing albums like “Hard Candy” and what not. Please!

  • debho

    I don’t hate her, but I do feel kind of sorry for her. I’m not saying she should be home with a cup of cocoa, but she should be steering clear of the clubs. There is no way I’d be caught dead in one now (I’m nearly 48), nothing sadder than a middle aged person trying to clutch their youth. There’s a time to let the past go and now is the time for Madge. She has nothing to prove. Time to grow older gracefully.

  • krissy

    Ha! She’s not queen of the universe I live in.

  • PixiesBassline

    I feel that the older I get, I just learn more things..
    In my head, I still feel like the same person I was when I was 12, 16, 20 years old…like, that person STILL exists. It doesn’t go away just because I’ve aged a year.
    Even though you get older, some people stay young at heart.. some people are able to still be that person they’ve always been, just with more wisdom added.
    I don’t see anything wrong with anyone at any age going out and having fun. As long as they’re old enough to get into the club or wherever they’re going.
    She’s still who she is, no matter what her physcial appearance is.
    Who is anyone here to ‘decide’ for someone else that that person needs to stop being who they are and conform to this other person’s IDEA of what they “should” be doing at their age?
    We all knew she was going to age eventually- let her do it in her OWN fucking way.. How can someone TELL someone else HOW they should handle their aging? She’s in better shape than most adults, and even some teens – so I’m sure she is able to still dance her ass off just fine.
    Shit.. I’m sure she could also pick a few things about each of us that she would see as “flawed”, if given the opportunity…
    I just get annoyed when people are like “She needs to just stop it and wear ‘such n such’, because *I* have decided she’s past a certain age and therefore should act like what I perceive as proper for that age group, even though I’m still way young and nowhere near that age group YET, so I really have no idea wtf I’m talking about.”

  • PixiesBassline

    And – to the older ones who think she should age this way or that -would you want someone telling YOU how to act and look, just because your body and face aren’t as young as they used to be?

  • Dach


    I could hug you through this damn computer. Madonna doesn’t live to appease any of us. She is living and enjoying her life. Good for her.

  • gunnarjet

    she’s doing what she want’s to do and what she thinks is right for her.

    — everyone should live that way:
    do what you feel what’s right for you and live YOUR OWN LIFE, and NOT the life of ANOTHER !

    She’s doing it her way ! she can do whatever she want’s to

    BRAVO !

  • hailey

    i wanna learn from madonna! when i’m her age.. i’m gonna score my own toy boy. and RULE.

  • alexggb

    She’s my role model! I’ve been dating a 20 year old (I’m 30) for the last 7 months and, maybe he’s too mature or maybe my inner child is right there in the surface, but we get along so well. I haven’t felt this comfortable, calm and relaxed in a relationship for ages. Good for her. Good for me :) hahaha.

  • alexggb

    By the way, why is it ok for, I don’t know, Harrison Ford to be with Calista, for Michael Douglas to be with Catherine, and so many others; but this is wrong and she should act according to her age? So sexist.


    @alexggb… you took the words right out of my mouth. It’s so OK for an old geez to hang out, date or even marry a MUCH younger woman, but when Demi or Madonna do the same thing, they’re demonized. Such nonsense. The heart does what it’s going to, and to hell with age or anything else.

  • maribella

    my only hope is that madonna doesn’t become hugh hefner.

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