Britney Spears In The Market For A New Maserati?


Britney Spears had a bizzy day yesterday full of errands and mommy duties. To get her day started, our dear Britney and her mini-entourage made their way to a Maserati dealership in the San Fernando Valley to take one of the black beauties out for a test drive:

It’s unclear if Britney actually bought the car (especially since she didn’t drive it herself) but it’s entirely possible that she decided to treat herself to a new toy to enjoy. I’m not sure that this car went home with her tho, after all … we know she has a thing for white cars.

Later on in the day, without a Maserati in sight, Britney took her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James to a medical center here in SoCal presumably so the kids could get a routine check-up. After the jump, check out those photos …

I don’t imagine that anything is wrong with the boys, just Britney doing her mommy duty to ensure that their health is properly monitored. Altho we know that Britters is in the midst of recording a new album, it’s nice to see that she’s taking some fun time for herself and some important time for her children. Gotta love our dear Britney :)

[Photo credit: Flash City, X17]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I hope she bought the car…those are sick!!!

  • Cait

    Legal Question….since her dad is still her conservator (I think), would she be allowed to buy one on her own ? Or would her dad have to do it ? Or are there varying shades of conservatorship where she may have control over some of her money ? Just curious !

  • nicole

    this girl go through cars like i go through socks.

  • Jennifer

    I love the ad under the story.. 3 Britney links and 1 about the Mumbai monorail. One of these things is not like the others…

  • Nicole

    I don’t think she got the car…heard her allowance is weekly and supposedly only $500 and this car is around $100k. That’s what Seacrest said, anyways. Meh.

  • jennie

    Yeah Brit, she is wearing a bra again! and her kids are really adorable too


    She isn’t even allowed to drive herself! I don’t understand how people don’t process this. At all. I don’t think Britney is really happy because her dad manipulates and controls her. It’s like modern day slavery except this is legal. Her allowance is $1500 a week according to the papers. It’s ridiculous. Poor girl puts on performances that are sold-out and yet she can’t enjoy any of her money because the leeches around her suck it before she gets it. Delusional party of one.

  • BriK

    girl loves that yellow turtleneck

  • lauren

    WHY does she insist on wearing those ugly-ass turtleneck shirts?!?!? Britney, get thee to a stylist!